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How SEMRush capitalises on the point of highest intent for upsells

SEMRush is one of the best SEO tools out there. But by capitalising on the point of highest intent they've made marketing other offers easy and effective.

In a recent study looking at how Alex Hormozi has created an incredible business off the back of a single Amazon eBook, I mentioned something I called “the point of highest intent”.

In short, this is something I’ve been doing with my CTAs for years.

You’ll have seen it across multiple other brands and business sites.

Particularly with content upgrades.

Rather than popping them at any old point, you carefully select the area where intent to take the next step action will be highest.

For example, where your blog article mentions the key benefit of using X to get Y, that’s where you drop the CTA to get X.

Simple, right?

But highly effective.

Something I noticed recently was how SEMRush are optimising for the point of highest intent within their paid software tool.

Here’s a breakdown of how they’re using this approach to not only increase engagement across offers, but increase AoV, LTV, and of course profit and revenue.

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