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Turning a 6-figure affiliate marketing site into a 7-figure business by turning common content marketing advice on its head

What does it take to make 6-figures from little more than a blog on affiliate marketing? And then how do you scale that up to a 7-figure business? Here's the full explanation.

Back when I was far too concerned with being a “serious marketer” who only sold their own products, I’d often think less of affiliate marketers.

In my mind, affiliate marketers were all ClickBank scam marketers who had little to offer other than BS clickbait pieces.

Sure, there were serious marketers like Pat Flynn who I respected. But, the idea of turning my business into little more than a promotional platform for the brand with the highest referral fee felt… dirty.

As time has passed I’ve seen the error in this.

Yes, there are a lot of scam merchants when it comes to affiliate marketing. However, there are some absolutely incredible marketers who are running big businesses promoting affiliate offers.

They’re people who have mastered a particular channel and use it to generate revenue on demand.

In fact, there are plenty of 7 and 8 figure brands out there that are almost entirely affiliate marketing brands.

These brands are experts at growing an audience on a specific topic.

They grow that audience, and then sell access to it on a performance basis.

And in my experience, a lot of businesses out there fail at the early stages because they’re unable to generate a relevant audience.

So, I thought it a good idea to look into one of the new superstars of affiliate marketing.
Someone who built a ~$60,000 / month business through affiliate offers which he then upscaled to 8-figures with the addition of his own products.

The superstar - Adam Enfroy.

He managed to grow a brand new website from nothing to 8-figure revenues in just 2 years.

And it’s one hell of a business he’s built.

If you’ve got a brand that needs an audience (true for every business) and you’re struggling to attract more readers, this is for you.

You can use these learnings to grow your own audience, promote affiliate offers, or succeed at both.

Whatever your business model or goal, you’ll learn a little something about attracting high-intent traffic to your site. Which is worth one hell of a lot of cash.

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