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How Alex Hormozi uses an Amazon Kindle eBook to generate hundreds of qualified leads per month

Alex Hormozi has shot to the top of the Amazon results with his eBook, $100M offers. In this piece, we examine how he uses a cheap Amazon eBook to generate thousands of leads for his business every month.

Books are, without doubt, one of the most efficient ways to learn for modern professionals.

They’re relatively cheap. Often distil years or decades of experience into an easily digestible format. And thanks to digital reading services, you’ll never struggle to find a copy of that book you want to read.

What I truly love about books from a marketing perspective is how they have a far higher perceived value than free content on websites.

In fact, I know plenty of people who simply repackage blog content into an “official book” to increase reach, impact, and reputation.

And sure, that’s great.

But there are a few very savvy marketers out there who use books to acquire new users and build trust for high-ticket offers.

One of the most prolific I’ve seen is The Agora. They seem to be publishing books every other week as part of their funnel.

But even they don’t have what I’d consider an incredible book acquisition system.

There’s a missing element that they never seem to leverage. One which helps your brand get discovered and establish a deep level of trust with your audience.

One of the best examples I’ve seen of using books as an acquisition channel is from Alex Hormozi.

Alex runs Acquisition.com - along with several other successful businesses.

But it’s his book - $100 Million Dollar Offers (a definite recommended read) - that I want to analyse today.

$100M offers Alex Hormozi

Alex has used this single asset to incredible effect. This one book has helped him…

  • Increase his reach and reputation
  • Leverage a very high traffic acquisition channel
  • Build huge levels of trust with his ideal audience
  • Add a lot of qualified leads to his owned channels and audiences

Let’s dive in to see how Alex is leveraging his book as an acquisition source for high-value leads.

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