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How Content Mavericks generates more traffic with LESS content

If you want more traffic and leads from content, you don't need to keep publishing. Take the Content Mavericks approach to content and start dominating your space.

Marketers and owners who want more, think they need to do more.

  • Want more traffic? Create] more content.
  • Want more sales? Introduce more products.
  • Want more fans? Be on more social media networks.

Thing is, a lot of the brands that have the highest impact achieve their success through doing less.

Having less allows you to act with more focus. It allows you to perfect your approach and squeeze every last drop of growth and revenue from your existing assets.

And one of the best examples I’ve seen of this is Chris Von Wilpert and his Content Mavericks brand.

Chris is known as one of the most effective content marketers today.

Not in terms of generating lots of content, but in terms of generating results from content.

And what I love about his approach is that it allows you to get real results from comparatively little content.

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