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Sam Ovens' $44,000 product funnel that turned Consulting.Com into an info product powerhouse

Sam Ovens is one of the most talked about names in information product marketing. His offers total $44,000 for a single customer, and he's organised them in a way that makes marketing easy. Learn more here.

A couple of years back, there were 2 chaps dominating the world of Facebook ads.

One - Tai Lopez - videoed himself from his garage in front of a (apparently rented) Lamborghini extolling the benefits of “knowledge”.

A lot of people jumped on the hate train for Tai, but he’s had the last laugh and now owns several large name retailers in the US including Pier 1, DressBarn, and Radio Shack.

Turns out he might be a pretty damn savvy marketer.

The other was a chap called Sam Ovens.

Sam was known for somewhat more unusual ads. Sure, there were private jets and fancy cars.

But there were also weird elements like a motorbike sat in the center of his penthouse apartment.

I remember ads where Sam used some of the more unusual decor to highlight the point of “thinking differently”.

Which to me now makes more sense.

You see, Sam’s approach to selling information products changed the way a lot of others built their info product marketing.

He didn’t do the exact same thing everyone else was. He took a slightly different approach.

Sure, he has the foundation needed for success...

  • A great product that answers a true need
  • A huge number of reviews proving the effectiveness of the program
  • Multiple features in mainstream media to build his reputation and reach

But there are a couple of things Sam has done with Consulting.com that add an extra layer of effectiveness and success.

These things were at one time quite unique. However, since Sam’s success they’ve been adopted by many in the info product marketing industry.

I’m going to look at how Sam does things slightly differently, and how it’s helped him grow a $20MM business with just 3 products.

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