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How Ahrefs have created a masterclass in product marketing

Ahrefs are known as one of the best SEO tools out there. A lot of that is down to their expert product marketing - here's what makes Aherf's marketing so incredible.

There’s a debate I’ve recently been having with myself.

To scale up the content production at Growth Models do I…

  1. Hire cheap labour and spend time editing and training
  2. Hire experts who cost more, but turn in perfect work product

On top of that, do you outsource content production? Or bring it all in house?

It’s something I’m not entirely sure about.

I mean, I could point to dozens of successful brands who each approach this in a different way.

However, one of the brands I’m consistently impressed with when it comes to…

  • Content marketing
  • Building and leveraging expert reputations
  • Using their tool as a key aspect of their marketing strategy

… is Ahrefs.

I think their approach to marketing is incredible, and incredibly interesting.

Mainly because their approach feels like it’s 80% the same as everyone else’s.

However, the 20% difference is where the magic happens.

It’s that 20% that’s helped them grow a rabid fanbase who will defend them at every opportunity.

That 20% has helped them grow 60% YoY and achieve an average revenue per employee exceeding $1,000,000

There’s something special about Ahrefs. But it’s not easily identifiable.

  • They do produce incredible content - but so do many other brands.
  • They do run social and search ads - but so do many other brands.
  • They do have a solid SEO tool - but so do many other brands.

I want to know what it is that sets them apart and has led to success the marketing world looks at with envy.

So this month, I’ve spent my time diving deep into their processes and approach to marketing to see exactly what it is with the 20% that makes Ahrefs a standout marketer in a competitive niche.

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