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When I first started out in digital marketing around 10 years ago, I dived head-first into copywriting.

I still think, even with the rise of AI, that great copy can be one of the most impactful elements of effective marketing.

but after spending thousands of dollars on courses and working with dozens of clients, here’s what i realised.

Great copy is only good if there’s a solid underlying strategy.

That might sound obvious, but let me. explain.

You see, I’d labour for days or weeks over sales pages for clients.

User research, stakeholder interviews, multiple drafts, and wireframes were just part of the process I’d use to craft these bad boys.

And, generally, they’d improve conversions and revenue.

But sometimes they wouldn’t.

Sometimes all that hard work wouldn’t pay off. The increases were marginal or non-existent.

For a while, I blamed myself. After all, there were copywriting behemoths out there telling me that these sales pages were the most important element of any growth engine.

They explained how a great sales page was THE ONLY way to grow your business.

And I believed them. Until I realised it’s not true.

Here’s the thing.

Everyone out there selling a course or system will tell you their system is the best or only way to get results.

  • Social media influencers tell you social is the only way to grow
  • Ad managers explain how paid ads are the best way for any business to grow
  • Sales page copywriters tell you success hinges solely on a great sales page

… and so on.

They’re all lying.

When I analysed why some of my clients didn’t get the usual results, I realised something.

Sometimes, they were driving the wrong traffic (or no traffic at all) to the pages I’d written.

Other times their follow-up nurturing systems were non-existent so leads would come in but never hear from the brand again.

There is no one approach, channel, or tactic that success hinges on, or that works for every brand.

I soon changed my services to cover the entire customer journey, from user acquisition through nurture and to retention.

The result?

Better results on a more consistent basis.

I switched my focus from single assets to the models that underly effective growth.

Over the years I moved from copywriter to head of content, then head of growth before becoming a fractional CMO.

I’ve helped dozens of digital-first companies and entrepreneurs increase sales.

Not by selling the same approach to each one, but by understanding who they’re trying to serve and devising a strategy that helps their users find, believe, and get the most value from their offers.

A lot of courses, trainings, and consultants out there are amazing at the one thing they do. But in my experience, they’re far too focused on a single element.

It’s great if you know, without doubt, that their single area of expertise is going to be the needle mover for you.

But if you’re not absolutely certain, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on a course or consultant to see marginal or non-existent improvements.

And in my experience, a lot of earlier-stage companies get far better results by optimising their entire growth model.

Which is why I’ve built this community.

I want to help as many early-stage companies and entrepreneurs scale their ideas as possible.

I’ve talked to a lot of founders and executives in charge of growth, and they told me they don’t need another step-by-step course, what they really need is…

  1. Support
  2. Expert advice
  3. Accountability
  4. Ability to network with others

All of this is available in the Growth Models’ Community.

Here’s a little more detail on what’s included…

Growth marketing “micro-courses” + templates

in my ~10 years of marketing, I’ve built a stable of dozens of templates to help improve everything from…

  • Sales pages
  • Blog content
  • VSLs
  • Email newsletters
  • Sales email sequences
  • Outreach systems

All of these are being made available. And I’m adding detailed video instruction to each as quickly as I can.

These templates and processes are updated as often as I can to represent the changing elements of marketing.

Use code “Launch10” for a permanent 50% off.

Weekly Office hours

Every Thursday I jump on a live call with the community for 2 hours.

In that time, I’ll be available to help solve any and all growth-related problems you might be facing in your business.

A growing community of your peers

As the community grows, so too does the opportunity for you to find…

  • Other people to network with
  • Potential collaborations for your business
  • Potential hires or work opportunities for you

It’s a community after all, and I don’t want Growth Models to be the only one benefitting.

Monthly community growth challenges

I’m considering adding monthly growth challenges where anyone in the community who is interested can join in to improve one aspect of their marketing. Challenges would include things like…

  • Set up an outbound marketing system
  • Get 1000 new followers with a social sharing system
  • Improve a sales page to increase conversions

A new challenge every month with expert instruction and community feedback to help you constantly make your business better.

Monthly specialist trainings

I’ll be opening my little black workbook and seeing if I can’t get specialists in different areas in to give talks on how to improve specific areas of your growth marketing machine.

Join the community now

Join the community now and start working towards a more profitable business.

As we’ve just launched, you can get the first month absolutely free while we continue to grow the offerings and figure out the best direction for the community.

Anyone within will be able to offer feedback and advice on how to improve it so it becomes the best community and service for them.

Also, for the first few days I’m offering a permanent 50% off the monthly fee for membership. Just use code “Launch10” and checkout.