For business owners who want to add leads to their business at a profit

New course reveals how to add dozens of high-intent leads to your list every week AND get them to buy your high-ticket offers in a matter of days WITHOUT having to spend thousands on ads

I used this method to launch a new offer to a cold audience and made $4069 in 10 days with ZERO spend

What is the $1 Product Challenge? 

The $1 Product Challenge is a counterintuitive approach to building your list that enables you to more easily and quickly turn those leads into high-value customers for your brand. 

You achieve this by cutting out the “takers” and focusing your marketing efforts on the “givers”. My philosophy is that your business should always be a profit-first business. 

What the $1 Product Challenge enables you to do is build a system that cashflows quickly and gets you to profitability faster than any other method out there. 

The result? You have a list of ready-to-buy leads who have paid YOU to hear more about what you’re selling. 

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The $1 Product Challenge is a shortcut to cashflow and profit

Before I created the $1 Product Challenge, I was working as a growth consultant and fractional CMO helping brands of all sizes and in various industries spin up effective growth strategies.  

I was helping these brands build huge lists of leads and, over months, convert them into paying customers. I had that system down. 

You’ve probably seen it in use by 90% of the brands and entrepreneurs out there. Offer free value, capture the lead details, nurture the lead, soft sales promo, if they engage, hit them with the hard promo.  

It’s a system that’s tried and tested in everything from eCom to SaaS, info products to services.

But, here’s where I failed and realised that a new approach was needed. 

I started a new bootstrapped business of my own. And my own cockiness was my downfall. 

You see, I’d been building growth models for brands that had helped drive millions in revenue. And I KNEW I could do it for myself as well. 

I ended all my client engagements and set to building my own new offer.  But there was a problem, and it cost me BIG.  

I built the same system I’d been building for brands with existing revenue or hefty VC funding.  

That model doesn’t work for small creators and new businesses that don’t want to raise money. 

It’s not a system that leads to quick cashflow and profit that you need as a small biz to stay alive.

While the system I built was working and attracting leads, it was taking far too long to convert them into paying customers. My savings runway was running out and I was beginning to hate the business I couldn’t grow.  

Every day I’d wake up and wonder if I really was good at digital marketing. If the entrepreneurial life was for me, or if I’d be better off getting a 9-5.  

Panic set in and I started trying all sorts of crazy things to grow the business. None of which worked. 

My focus was all over the place and I ended up doing 10 things poorly instead of one thing well. 

I decided I needed to go back to consulting to pay the bills and keep a roof over my head. 

And here’s the kicker.  

Because I’d been away from my consulting business for a while, my leads had all dried up. 

I was effectively starting from nothing, and I’d just proven to myself that the long 

I needed to do something different than the system I’d just built. I needed cashflow immediately, and so I turned the entire “acquire for free and build trust until they will buy from you” model on its head.  

I launched a simple system that cost me $0 and just a few days to create. Within 10 days of launching the system, I’d cleared $1569 in cash closed and another $2500 in contracts for a total of $4069 NEW revenue. 

When I started looking at the system and why it worked, I noticed something interesting. This simple shift led to…

Building a list of “givers” – people who will pay for good information over those who take it for free
That list has much higher engagement rates – email opens and clicks are up, they use what I’ve given them, they engage in more real convos with me
The lifetime value of these leads is far higher (often up to 10X more) – when someone is willing to pay once, you know they value good offers and so can sell them way more stuff with a fraction fo the effort of converting the “takers” 

This little system is now adding new paying customers to my list every single day with next to no marketing from me. 

I then took this model and adapted it to another new offer to get similar results.  I made a few hundred bucks on the front end, attracted the first 10 members to a new community for $99 / month, and closed 2 deals on advisory offers for $1000 / month.

Again, zero ad spend that helped me create a $3000 / month revenue stream out of nowhere in just a few days.  

And now, you can replicate the entire approach I’ve used here in your own business by taking the $1 Product Challenge for only $27! 

Here’s how it works. 

Included with your order

The $1 Product Challenge

The full system I use to quickly launch new products to positive cashflow

Fast action bonuses

Pre-built asset templates
Fill in the blank asset templates to help with your offers and marketing materials

High-converting sales page templates
The full templates to create sales pages that turn visitors to customers

The “spearfishing strategy” workshop
Access to the Spearfishing Strtagey workshop explaining how I sell through communities

Community access
Access to our community of marketers and founders for feedback and support

Backed by our 100% money-back guarantee!

Here’s how I went from wasting thousands on attracting leads that took months to nurture with no guarantee of conversion to building systems that cashflow from day 1 and bring me leads who want to pay me higher prices – all by ignoring the common advice

This is something I’ve not seen ANYONE else advocate, advise, or implement in their business – but has worked every single time I and students have done so

Dear future cash flowing offer owner. 
From – the gym where I write a lot of my copy
RE: How to charge people to join your list so you only attract the “givers”

Would it surprise you to know that I regularly launch new products into niches, industries, and communities I have NO reputation and make a profit from day 1? 

Sound too good to be true? 

I know, right? 

But the crazy thing is, it’s true. Let me prove it to you and explain how this all works. 

But first, read this disclaimer. 

I have a benefit many others don’t. I’ve spent the last 11 years in growth marketing for brands of all kinds from SaaS and eCom, to info products and service businesses. I’ve worked in health and wellness, biz opps, MarTech, FinTech, Web3, and more. 

Some of the brands I’ve worked with and helped to scale have been bootstrapped, others have had VC funding. Hell, I’ve even helped some get VC funding. 

My work has helped drive millions of dollars in sales for my clients and turned hobby offers into full-fledged businesses. 

I learned pretty much everything I know through a combination of online information (courses, programs, free content etc) and trial and error.  

Throughout all of that I noticed that the majority of people who pay for information and assistance online get little to no results. The references I’m using here are for example purposes only.  

Your results will depend on various factors which include (but aren’t limited to) your background, experience, and work ethic.  

All purchases entail some level of risk and getting results requires consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that and do the work, please do not sign up for this.  

How I lay things out here may make it look simple. And the underlying concept is simple. But do not confuse simple and easy.  

While the approach is simple, it is not easy to implement and requires hard work. While I got results in a few days, they were a few days of hard graft and persistent effort.  These things don’t happen overnight.  

You’ve gotta stick with it.  

With that said, let’s get into the breakdown of…

How I used a counterintuitive approach to build a profitable list of buyers whilst making money (not spending it) 

This system is being used by marketers and entrepreneurs across the globe to build their businesses and marketing lists with givers. Givers are the people you want on your list because they’re ready and willing to pay for the services you offer. 

By focusing on attracting the givers you’ll…

… Make money while building your list instead of sinking money into a strategy that attracts people who will never buy.… Avoid the “freebie seekers” who only want free stuff and will be annoyed when you ask them for money. 

… Make money from day 1 instead of having to wait weeks or months to “nurture” people to a purchase decision. 

… Generate a list of users who are more engaged and invested with what you’re doing, making offer engagement and repeat purchases that increase LTV far easier. 

… Be able to do this on a small scale to validate ideas completely free, meaning you’ll be able to scale it with ads confident you’re not throwing money into a black hole.

Hell, this is what my phone screen looks like when I launch one of these offers.

So far I’ve had people from all industries use this model to generate leads at a profit and then successfully upsell them to higher ticket offers.

For example, a Pinterest marketing agency looking to bring on more fully managed clients.  

A service brand that helps businesses win awards to create a new separate revenue stream for their business whilst also attracting more leads for their primary offer. 

A local business marketer who’s now working with more of their local community businesses.  

An eCom business who wanted to build their list with buyers for seasonal promotions where they make the lion’s share of their revenue. 

And so many more. 

I’ve used this model myself to make thousands of dollars in literal days.  

All of these people are a group of business owners who are doing things differently… 

And you can bet that this approach is unlike anything you’ve used before.  

This is different because…

✅ The focus is on generating PROFIT not leads who’ll never buy from you
✅ It’s a scalable model that’s first proven with no risk, and then scaled in a way where the risk is reduced 100-fold
✅ It’s a model that doesn’t require you to do 101 things to get a single sale – you’ll be focusing on a handful of actions which can be done in an hour a day to get sales in the door

This sets up a high-converting system that takes barely any time to manage and automatically converts interest to payments, and low-ticket purchases to high-ticket interest. 

Like I said before, this is a different way to operate your business that goes against the common advice.  

When you stop playing the game everyone else is playing, you open up so many more opportunities for growth.  

I know this is true because it changed everything for me.  

Since implementing this system in my business I’ve been able to remove 99% of the time-wasting, energy-sapping BS that you’re told you have to do to grow your biz.

You know the stuff I mean, it’s the stuff we all hate… 

  • Pumping out daily social posts with no focus and no idea why other than to “GrOw An AUidiEncE”
  • Sending newsletters for weeks or months in a futile attempt to build trust and convert leads into customers
  • Churning out content because your offer isn’t selling and you think that the best way is to simply find more people
  • Getting turned down constantly by leads and potential clients and customers because they’ve got used to you offering freebies

The $1 product challenge freed me from all of this and allowed me to launch new offers to cold audiences at a profit – meaning I’m no longer stressed and seeing high-value leads come into my lists on autopilot 

Here’s what my life used to look like (and if you’re following the common advice, I’m sure this looks VERY familiar). 

I call this “appealing to the takers”. it’s a system that encourages freebie seekers who never pay…

Step 1 – You create a kickass offer you know can help people overcome a real problem – you just need to sell it to them now

Step 2 – You start creating social posts, blog content, and video content to “build a following” and start attracting your ideal users

Step 3 – You work on a free lead magnet to turn the small amounts of traffic you’re getting into email leads for you to nurture

Step 4 – You use your promotional channels to promo that free lead magnet

Step 5 – You start emailing your newly built list every day/week and mention the paid offers you’re running

Step 6 – You get good CTR to the offer, but no sales

Step 7 -You ask people why they’re not buying and they say something like “It looks cool, I just don’t know if I need it right now”. 

Step 8 – You repeat Step 5 and continue emailing hoping that someone will buy from you soon

Step 9 – You repeat stages 6 and 7 – still making no sales

Step 10 – You start to burn out and wonder if your offer really is helpful

Step 11 – You end the offer and try to come up with a new offer to start the cycle again

This is a problem and outcome I see all too often with businesses.  

I’ve seen it happen to VC-backed brands and to solopreneurs looking to make their first $1 online.  

This cycle keeps people working hard, but not getting anywhere with their offers. It leads them to burnout, and asking if they really should be doing this. 

Before long, they drop out and give up on their dreams of running their own business before going back to help someone else grow theirs.  

I’ve been there, and there have been times where I’ve almost taken that offer of working for someone else.  

What led me to this – admittedly more aggressive “Pay me now” method – was desperation.  

And as you’re about to find out, it was the best thing that could have happened to me because IT WORKED. 

I analysed why it worked and turned it into a system and challenge to help people like you grow better businesses that cashflow immediately and turn profits in days – not years. 

I created a 4-hour course including multiple templates and “fill-in-the-blank” worksheets called “The $1 Product Challenge” that you can start learning from in just a few moments from now.  

But before you do…

I’d like to take a second and introduce myself. 

My name’s Pete Boyle.  

You likely don’t know who I am. 

I’m not a known internet biz celeb, or a “guru” or biz influencer. And that’s cause I’m more focused on making money than being famous online.  

I’ve been working as a growth consultant for 10+ years helping brands of all sizes and across industries get incredible results.  

Here’s what a few of them had to say about my work.   

I believe that the core of successful marketing is not down to a single tactic like FB ads, but building a system that can scale along with you.  

But most marketing advice is written by employees of big brands. 

They’re running campaigns for people with huge VC backing or existing revenue streams, which means they can afford to wait 6-months for a lead to turn into a customer.  

Just think about it for a second…

  • Can most solopreneurs, creators, and startups use the “HubSpot Content System” that takes 6 months to drive steady leads and another 3 months to convert them to grow their business? No. 
  • Can most small business owners afford to throw $10,000 / month at advertising spends if they’re not 100% certain they have a product that can pay them back? No.  
  • How are you supposed to get money in the door in a short period of time when most advice tells you to spend months building and nurturing your audience? You can’t. 

Want to know the main difference with the $1 Product Challenge? 

Most growth advice is focused on building an audience of free leads, the $1 Product Challenge is about attracting high-intent buyers so you cashflow from day 1.  

The results of using this new method? 

Money in the door immediately…

A validated product you KNOW people will pay for and that they’ll use (because you’ve made them pay for it) 

Most people just put out free content and hope that people will find it valuable enough to eventually pay you something. 

It’s arse backwards.  

I only want to work with paying customers. They value the offer more, get better results, and help me stay in operation so I can help more people.  

I’ve been making more consistent cash AND attracting people who are ASKING ME to pay me more money for higher engagements through this model. That means your Stripe starts to look like this.

And I’m going to do something stupid with you now and show you the basics of why this works. 

You’ll probably think this sounds dumb because it’s the opposite of what every “growth marketing guru” out there is telling you (which if you’re reading this far, you’ve likely tried their methods and know they don’t work). 


The #1 mistake everyone makes is building a list of freebie-seeking leads, not cashflowing customers.  

It’s as simple as that. 

There are two types of leads out there. 

I call them the “givers” and the “takers”. 

For most businesses, they focus on the takers.  Hell, I did it for years. 

They build systems that offer stuff for free in exchange for an email address. To convert these freebie-seeking takers into paying customers is hard. 

You either have to be one of the best copywriters and/or salespeople in the world, or you have to wait around for months until their need for your offer becomes huge.  

The strategy for brands that focus on these people is simple number pumping. And I know this because I’ve been in these businesses.  

They’ve often got targets of leads generated that are set by an external VC company who want to see “tRaCtIOn”. These companies set a vanity metric KPI and the brand is charged with hitting it. 

So it’s all about hitting those numbers so investors can feel like progress is being made.  

These brands have long enough runways and money in the ank that they can afford to wait months to make any money. And they operate on a simple numbers basis. 

Get enough people onto the list and a few are bound to convert eventually.  

When you do this, you spend a tonne of time on…

  • Building free lead magnets that give away your expertise for free – which is a terrible trade-off IMO
  • Nurturing leads who only want freebies and have no intent of ever buying from you
  • Having no focus and chasing every new tactic people talk about in the hope of bumping up those vanity metrics that don’t lead to cash made
  • Getting on the “content hamster wheel” and suffering from burnout without even a $1 to show for it

It takes a tonne of time, money, and energy to do this.  

For basically nothing in return.  

The problem is not that the model is broken or doesn’t work. 

It’s that it’s become the status quo. People are basing their growth strategies on brands they have no right trying to compete with.  

If you don’t also have $5MM raised from a VC firm, you shouldn’t be using the same strategy as the brands that have raised $5MM.  

They’re playing a different game where they can afford to wait years to make a profit. 

Hell, Reddit is a huge brand that STILL hasn’t made a single profit in its existence. 

90% of businesses can’t afford to play those games, they’ll struggle to survive by copying the “free content first” model. 

The solution? 

Instead of attracting takers, appeal to the givers from Day One

Yup, it’s as simple as that.  

Using the simple system of charging even $1 for basic offers you do two things.  

First, you cut out the people who are freebie seekers and will never open their wallets. You effectively build a list of givers, people who are willing to pay for good solutions to their problems. 

These people are so much easier to sell subsequent offers to in the future and are a healthier client base to have on hand. 

Second, you make money much faster. Not only because people are paying to join your list, but you’re identifying people who have a more pressing need.  

These are people who feel the pain you’re solving so badly that they’re willing to pay for a solution. 

Which means they’d be willing to pay more for even more detailed, helpful, or speedier solutions. 

You cut out the people who think your offer is “nice to have” and focus on those for whom it’s a “need to have”. And these people are easier to sell to. 

Rather than having a list of takers who are waiting on your next freebie, you have a list of givers who are ready and willing to pay you.  

And look, you will have a much smaller list by doing this. 

I dunno about you though, but I would rather have a list of 1000 people who are just waiting for my next offer to buy than a list of 10,000+ who have no intention of buying anything ever. 

I’ve done that, and it sucks. 

So here’s the deal…

… I will show you exactly how to build a $1 Product Offer that attracts the buyers and teaches you how to squeeze even more cash from them. 

Here’s the exact system you’ll learn how to create in the $1 Product Challenge so you can start attracting high-value leads almost immediately

🦖 Step 1 – Identify the no-friction offer you can create from your expertise to start building a list of givers who want to pay you over a list of takers who just want stuff for free

🦖 Step 2 – The simple system that turns those $1 purchases into multi-hundred dollar front-end sales that often, are enough to earn a liveable wage from

🦖 Step 3 – How to make real money by adding on your core offer into this system so you can attract high-ticket customers and clients on autopilot by having them come to you

🦖 Step 4 – How to promote this brand-new offer to a relevant audience without spending a penny on ads by promoting in groups without getting banned (I sued this method to make tens of thousands of dollars at this point) 

Those are the 4 key steps that make building a list of buyers as easy as sharing a single post in a relevant community once per day.  

And the system can then be supercharged with ads once you’ve got it working. 

It’s counterintuitive because it’s not focused on attracting leads at any cost, or giving away free value in the hope that someone might buy from you later.  

We’re hitting your new customers hard and from step 1 to turn eyeballs into dollars in record time. 

Here’s what else you’ll get in the $1 Product Challenge

✅ The theory of givers vs takers and why focusing on the former is the smarter way to grow a profitable business in record time

✅ The simple growth model that’s at the core of all online business success, which you can leverage in simple steps to grow your current and future offers with ease

✅How to promote your offers in a way that actually gets people excited and wanting to buy, rather than following the tired approaches people are bored of and ignore

✅ Automating 90% of this model so you only then need to focus on 2 things – promoting it effectively (we’ll teach you that) and fulfilling the higher ticket sales you’ll be getting

✅ The full templates you need at every stage to get this approach to your business up, running, and making a profit in days not weeks or months

✅ How to effectively turn those $1 purchases into payments that total anything up to $500 automatically and without friction

✅ The tools to action all of this that work with any budget (completely free to a total spend of ~$500)

✅ Access to a community of marketers and founders where you can get advice, assistance, or simple feedback on what you’re doing.  

✅ How to incrementally increase the price from $1 so this can become a full revenue stream of its own. 

Plus I’m giving you my highest-converting funnel templates

You’ll be getting access to a full set of templates for every stage of this funnel that I have used to make thousands of dollars with little effort on my part. 

And the best bit? There’s no catch!

There are no hidden costs, fees, or offers in this.  

You pay the $27 today and you get immediate and lifelong access to the $1 Product Challenge that could help you make thousands or millions in record time.   

It might sound too good to be true, but I’m not covering anything up here.  

This is exactly what I’m promising and there’s no hidden repeat charges or extra fees in this. 

I’m giving you the entire Challenge program for a measly $27.  

But here’s the thing you need to know.  

This won’t last forever. 

Here’s the truth with this.  

The $1 Product Challenge’s original price was – $1.  

You can see that here in a promotional post I wrote about it using this exact method that drove a few dozen customers from Reddit.  

As I sell more of these, I increase the price. 


Because I’m running a business. 

I always run offers for cheap first, and then increase the price when they start to get popular. Every so often I bump the price up a level. 

It starts at $1, then $7, then $27, then $47 and so on. 

When does it stop?

When the conversions drop off and it’s no longer working. I then drop it back down to the prior price it was working at (You’ll learn this in the challenge). 

Anyway, this is all a long way of saying I’m soon going to increase the fee to the next band. 

So act fast before the price goes up. 

You’re also going to get my Workshop on the “Spearfishing Strategy”

By joining today you’ll also get free access to my workshop on Spearfishing strategies and how to create social posts that get people to buy.  

This is the exact system I use to drive new customers to any new offer without spending a penny on advertising. 

You get the complete workshop and the templates used to create incredible results for free through community promos.

This workshop alone retailed at $100 and it is the best way to test your new offers with a cold audience at ZERO risk IMO.

The Money Back Guarantee

As you’ve made it alllll the way down to here, I’m gonna assume you’re ready to order.

So, without further ado…

Sign up for the $1 Product Challenge now

Get access for only $27
(Usually $97)

Get instant access to the system I use to launch profitable new products and attract high-value customers without spending a penny on ads

P.S. – The $1 Product Challenge comes with a full 14-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re not happy for ANY reason, I’ll refund your money and still give you access to the materials.

Here’s what’s included

👉 The theory of selling low cost items to build a list of buyers, and how it will help you run a more successful business.

👉 How to create products people actually want to buy so you see new sales and “giver” leads every day

👉 The simple system to create additional products that can turn $1 sales into multiple hundred dollar sales

👉 The simple perception shift that allows you to charge the full value of your offers without feeling scammy

👉 Templates and systems based on real-world success to help you create sales pages and assets in record time

👉 Advice and guidance on the best tools to choose for each stage to fit any budget (free and paid tools recommended)

👉 Ongoing help in the community from other founders and me – Pete

Sign up for the $1 Product Challenge now

Get access for $27
(Usually $97)

Get instant access to the system I use to launch profitable new products and attract high-value customers without spending a penny on ads

Backed by our 100% money-back guarantee!

Here’s everything you’re getting for $27 today

Included with your order

The $1 Product Challenge

A 4+ hour guided system explaining how to set up your own $1 product funnel

Included with your order

Pre-built asset templates

Fill in the blank asset templates to help with your offers and marketing materials

Included with your order

Proven sales page templates

The full templates to create sales pages that turn visitors to customers

Included with your order

The “spearfishing strategy” workshop

Access to the Spearfishing Strtagey workshop explaining how I sell through communities

Included with your order

Access to our community of marketers + founders

Access to our community of marketers and founders for feedback and support

Total value = $485

Today’s fee – $27

Backed by our 100% moneyback guarantee