Recover the revenue your marketing strategy is leaving on the table

Get a marketing strategy that outlines…

  • Who your ideal customers are
  • The benefit they want you to offer them
  • How to add that value into their customer journey

All leading to higher revenue and lower churn.

Only 4 audits available per month (first come, first serve)

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My goal is to help you build a profitable, scalable growth strategy.

I’ve spent a decade studying and experimenting with growth to help my clients achieve things like…

Growing a SaaS brand from $3000 MRR to $220,000 MRR within 18 months. 

Created a single growth model that drove thousands of new SaaS users and “overloaded” the onboarding support for days. 

Captured the details of ~6000 qualified beta testers for a brand new health tech app in 8 weeks.

Wrote a product launch model that grew to a $300,000 run rate within a matter of weeks.  

If you want to see what I could help you achieve, book a free strategy session now.

Only 4 audits available per month (first come, first serve)

There are a lot of moving parts to a successful growth strategy. Knowing what to improve is anything but easy.

Creating a compelling and cohesive growth model is hard.

But there are approaches and tweaks you can make to fill the holes and generate more revenue from your current approach.

Generally speaking, the brands who get the most out of working with me are…

🥾 Bootstrapped brands with $100,000+ in revenue and who want to scale up past $1MM revenue

🌱 Seed or Series A brands who want a coherent growth system that helps them hit their next revenue milestone

💰 Brands that have a marketing system generating profit, but you know could be doing more.

Whatever stage your business is at, you should also want…

To create a sustainable growth model that leads to compounding gains without having to rely only on paid acquisition

A strategic partner to help build a long-term growth strategy based on data and experimentation.

A tactical overview of key channels with step-by-step recommendations to easily implement improvements

Only 4 audits available per month (first come, first serve)

Creating growth strategies in-house can often feel like you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Most in-house marketers are cursed with too much knowledge of the brand and product.

They know the business inside out and can get bogged down in the details.

Getting an external perspective from an expert who focuses solely on growth strategy can help unlock growth avenues you might be missing.

These Growth Audits are carried out by…

Pete Boyle (that’s me). 

I’ve been working in growth for ~10 years and had the opportunity to work across verticals and in various industries. 

In those 10 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to help SaaS, eCom, health tech, info product, and service-based businesses to scale their revenue.

So far, I’ve helped add 10s of millions of dollars in revenue to these brands.

I focus on a combination of the overall growth strategy and how it fits together, along with clearer, more persuasive copywriting.

If you’ve seen any of my work in the past, you’ll likely have seen the detailed growth strategy analyses I put together.

In those analyses, I break down the system and talk about how to improve and implement the tactics that make up the model.

A growth model audit does the same thing for your business.

I look into your strategy and data to find where there are easy wins and high-growth potentials for you to implement Then I tell you how to implement them.


If you’re feeling sneaky, you can hire me to analyse your biggest competitor and understand how they’re growing their brand.

If you request an audit, you get all of the below.

1. A deep understanding of your ideal market and what they want from you

I’ve never created a successful strategy that didn’t begin with the customer.

I’ll dive deep into your ideal target market to find their key pain points, the benefits they want, and the anxieties they face so you can use it in your marketing to create greater impact.

2. A complete analysis of your own or your competitor’s entire growth strategy identifying easy fixes and next steps for growth. 

I’ll not only identify the places where your growth strategy could be stronger, you’ll also get detailed step-by-step recommendations on actions on HOW to fix the problem based on the audience research.

Hand this off to your team or hire contractors (or my team) to implement the improvements for you. 

3. Video walkthroughs of the strategy and improvements so you know WHY the changes need to be made.

Long-term growth doesn’t come from simply following my suggestions. You need to know WHY certain things need to be changed.  

You’ll get a series of videos along with your written audit explaining why you need to make changes so that you and your team can achieve further levels of growth.  

4. An unbranded presentation of problems, fixes, and timelines for in-house approval

Getting approval for changes can be a pain. 

I’ll draw up an unbranded presentation covering the key changes, reasons for implementing them, and the potential timeline to results so you can get internal stakeholder approval. 

Your audit will be completely unique and specific to your brand and its stage of growth so you get the recommendations and approaches that will most quickly impact revenue.  

Only 4 audits available per month (first come, first serve)

Your growth strategy is filled with opportunities for improvement revenue gains.  

Over my ~10 years in growth, I’ve developed the ACCER approach to building successful strategies which has helped drive 10s of millions in revenue.  

The approach breaks down the core stages of customer engagement and links them together in a way that leads to compounding growth.  

How many of the below sections could be added, improved, or even removed to drive more revenue for your business? 

Attract (how customers find you)

  • Organic content target to drive qualified leads looking to buy. 
  • Organic social to build brand awareness and traffic without cost. 
  • Social ads to grab user attention where they spend most time.
  • Search ads to be the first result users see when looking for a solution. 
  • Partnerships to quickly reach an existing, qualified audience in the space.
  • Cold outreach to push your offer and message directly in front of new potential customers.    

Capture (getting lead details so you can nurture the relationship)

  • Targeted lead magnets that self-identify ideal buyers.  
  • Content upgrades that turn organic traffic into leads. 
  • Webinars or free trainings to both grab leads and build trust in your offer. 
  • Discounts, offers, or time-sensitive deals to persuade on-the-fence traffic to join.  

Convert (getting leads to take the plunge and purchase) 

  • A detailed sales page that explains why they need what you offer.  
  • A VSL that both educates and promotes your core offer through video.  
  • A launch or sales email sequence that builds desire over days or weeks to generate more sales.  
  • A limited-time offer or deal to get on-the-fence users to buy.  
  • A genuine scarcity element to promote quick actions from the customer.
  • Product bumps, upsells, cross-sells, or down-sells to incentivise higher AoV or even recover a potentially lost sale. 
  • Email and messaging sequences like abandoned carts to recover otherwise lost sales. 

Engage (helping users get the most from your offer so they buy again and don’t churn)

  • Onboarding sequences to help users get the maximum amount of value in short order.  
  • In-app messaging that directs users to key features that help them get faster ROI.
  • Follow-up sequences that explain the next steps and help the user progress.
  • Weekly/monthly newsletters to help users stay on top of industry developments and brand deals.
  • Upgrader sequences to help you increase LTV.
  • Winback sequences to help you get churned users back into the product and as paying customers once more.  

Refer (getting happy users to tell their friends and help grow your marketing machine)

  • A testimonial request sequence to build your social proof and increase CVR
  • A referral system that incentivises happy users to promote you and tell their friends
  • An affiliate marketing system that allows others to promote you for no up-front cost to you
  • A social share incentivisation system that helps your brand get more mentions on social
  • A social engagement model that gets users to engage with your social posts massively increasing reach to new users

All of the above are POTENTIAL elements of a great growth model and strategy.

You’ve got to know what’s going tow rok best for your audience, offer, stage of growth, and budget.

And when you know which steps, you have to know that they’re working as hard as they can be.

If you’re not 100% certain you’re focusing on the right assets and that they’re working well together and at full efficiency, get in touch for a free strategy session.

I’ll run you through a few potential easy wins and, if you’re a fit, we can discuss me doing a full Growth Audit for you.

Only 4 audits available per month (first come, first serve)

What marketers have to say

“I worked at The Agora for 16 years including building an internal marketing agency to hire, train and buy media for Agora affiliates, especially the developing global ones. 

It was always a challenge explaining the model – even to existing employees let alone outsiders. I’m not sure I could have broken it down as well as Pete did.”

Grant Perry – Marketing Director – Agora Integrated Marketing

Pete’s comprehensive assessment excited my team as we saw the potential in the changes he recommended. I can already visualize the new heights these adjustments will take us to.

Andrew Ahachinsky – Founder

Pete’s audits are incredible because he doesn’t just look at the individual elements like headline or CTA, but also how they fit together and create a seamless, compelling customer journey.

Harry Whelchel – Founder – Unstarving Artists

Pete’s growth strategies are alway effective because he doesn’t just look at the individual components — he considers how each component in the system contributes to a seamless, compelling user journey.

Amin Bashi – Co-Founder – Bloom

Pete picked up quickly on what we were doing and helped flesh out our strategy in a way that will substantially strengthen our results. He’s a pleasure to work with and I’ll be working with him again.

Greg Nimer – Co-Founder – Sparkze

Only 4 audits available per month (first come, first serve)