Landing Page Copywriting Best Practices - 6 steps to improve landing page conversions

A detailed guide by 2 successful copywriters on how they create million-dollar landing pages.
Landing Page Copywriting Best Practices - 6 steps to improve landing page conversions

If you head to Google today to look for a simple list of landing page best practices to implement on your site, I’ve got some good and bad news for you.

The bad news is, simply throwing a few best practice approaches at your landing page isn’t going to solve any problems. That is, unless they’re part of a wider strategy and approach.

The good news?

I’m sharing a swift audit process that uses copywriting and landing page best practices I’ve used that have increased conversions up to 42%.

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I’m also like 99% sure this process will help you sell more as well.


Cause the reason these landing page best practices and process works is because it addresses the same conversion killing errors I see brands make across multiple sites and pages.

But I’m not here to chastise.

I’m here to give you the tools and process to quickly identify how to increase the persuasive argument of any landing or sales page.

Let’s get into it.

Before you begin optimising your landing page…

I wish I could tell you I have the magic key to all of your copywriting and conversion woes.

That these landing page best practices and process will work regardless of page, process, brand or industry.

But I can’t.

Because doing so would be bullshit.

You see, great copy and messaging comes from one place.

Your audience.

They’ll tell you what it is they’re struggling with, the features of your product/service they most value, how they use or want to use your offering.

They’ll tell you what it is you need to offer them for them to buy from you.

But, this is a static, generic blog post.

Ain’t no way I could get my hands on that info for you and every other reader.

So here’s what this landing page best practice guide offers.

This guide explains the main thought processes and actions you should take to ensure each of your key landing pages are clearly selling your service.

More specifically, this guide is all about improving the copywriting and messaging for your landing pages.

You could implement the steps here without doing any research.

If you did, you’d likely see a small bump in conversions.

But if you have your research to help back these actions up, well, you could see a huge increase in conversions.

The short of that little caveat is “do your bloody research first. Understand your audience and simply repeat to them what they most like, need, and want to make an impactful impression”.

Now, let’s get onto the good stuff.

General landing page considerations

Before we get into the step by step of writing a great landing page, it's worth going over the basics.  

There are some key considerations and best practices you need to know about if you're going to write something that sells.

The below article will run you through everything you need to know about writing highly effective landing page copy.  

7 Landing page best practices
The 7 key landing page best practices to ensure your page increases engagement and converts readers to buyers.

Identify - and improve - weak landing page copywriting

Once you've got a handle on the basics, it's time to dive deep into your actual landing page.

The below step-by-step audit process is one we've used on multiple brand's landing pages to massively increase conversions.

It's simple, but highly effective.

Read the detailed breakdown here.

6-steps to improve weak landing page copy
A detailed step-by-step guide to identifying weak copy elements that are damaging conversions, and a process on how to improve them.