$1MM Email sequences - How we create them (and how you can too)

Two copywriters/marketing strategists share their process for creating million-dollar remail sequences.
$1MM Email sequences - How we create them (and how you can too)

Too many brands – regardless of industry – fail to get the kind of ROI they should from email marketing.

Truth is, email can be the highest ROI channel. But only if you’re using it well.

In this piece, we’re gonna explain what you need to know to ensure your email campaigns don’t just provide a positive ROI, but practically print money for you.

Who are we?

I’m Pete, and this is my esteemed colleague and fellow copywriter Dan.

Between us we’ve created email sequences responsible for;

  • A free trial to paid user conversion rate averaging ~26%
  • Creation and optimisation of an email sequence that was the main driver in growing a brand to over $220,000 in MRR within 18 months
  • An ecommerce campaign that’s driven over $2.5 million per month in the last 6 months.
  • Successful relaunch campaigns for two restaurants and two breweries. In each case, the businesses went from losing money to making a profit within 2 months.

We know our stuff.

And we want to help you turn your email campaigns into the conversion powerhouse of your business.

High-level considerations for email

Before you run off to sign up for a great ESP, start testing subject lines, or try to figure out the best customer journey progression, we need to go over the basics.  

These things ain't fun, but they're the difference between an email sequence that flops, and one that adds 00's to your bottom line.  

Email marketing best practices
This is what you need to know before launching a new email marketing campaign. At least if you want to be successful.

How to improve any email sequence

With the basics out of the way, it's time for us to look at identifying weak spots in your email sequence and understand how to improve them.  

The below section is a 6-step audit process that can be used on email sequences in any industry and for any goal.

The process focuses not on one-use techical approaches, but on aligning your emails with your user's needs.

Read the full break down below.  

6 simple steps to improve any email marketing sequence
This 6-step process has helped us create million-dollar email sequences. Here, you can get full access to the full process absolutely free.

Get the downloads for this guide here

If you want to get the guide and all associated templates and model downloads, you'll find them through the link below.

Email sequence downloads - Google Drive