The Best Project Management Tools for 2023

Effectively growing a business is hard… especially if you don’t have a good project management tool.

When you’re trying to tie content, paid acquisition, organic social, email campaigns, and more together into one strategy, it’s easy to drop the ball and miss simple but profitable opportunities.

After 10+ years of growing digital brands, I can say with absolute certainty that the 2 most effective things you need to achieve success are…

  1. Well defined goals
  2. The right project management tool to help you track your progress towards those goals

The problem is that there are so many project management tools around.

Knowing which one is the right fit for your business is confusing, and when you’re fully invested into the wrong tool it can become a real pain to move over to the better fit.

Below we’ve analysed the best project management apps and tools on the market to help you make thew right decision now and save yourself a headache down the line.

What is the best project management tool?

If we’re being completely honest here, there’s often little difference in the overall functionality of modern project management tools.

Most allow you to set up tasks, assign them to individuals, and add some form of deadline for the team member to hit.

The difference – in my experience – comes down to the UX.

And in particular, how simple it is to zoom from a project wide view down to an individual’s tasks.

Different project management tools have different levels of usability with this and tie things together in different ways. The below analyses are based on how these tools could fit into your business.


The best overall project management tool for any team

Monday.com review

Monday.com’s project management tool is a cloud-based platform that enables management from both their desktop version or mobile app.

It’s one of the most well-known project management tools thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign.

However, it’s also worthy of that interest as it is one of the most complete and flexible project management tools out there.

Monday.com has a relatively simple onboarding and, once you’ve got to grips with their system, is very intuitive.

I’ve seen plenty of people use the tool for various projects from marketing and advertising to sales and even recruitment.

I often cite this as the #1 choice simply because of the flexibility Monday.com provides. However, that flexibility comes at a cost and it can run a little more expensive than other tools with pricing starting at around $10 per user / month.

Monday.com pricing

Monday.com project management tool features

Easily switchable dashboards

One of the most useful features is the ability to easily switch between dashboards.

When you create a new dashboard and project in Monday.com, it lives in your left hand navbar.

You can easily switch between the different dashboards to keep track of the different tasks, teams, and projects with little effort.

Monday.com features

Within each dashboard you have the ability to view the data in multiple views – such as a Gantt chart, calendar, or simple task tracker.

The dashboard layout makes it super simple to find and track what you need.

Time Tracking

Another feature Monday.com offers that’s key to effective project management is time tracking.

With this feature you can more effectively track how long certain tasks take so you can better optimise for them and build more realistic timelines in the future.

Monday.com features


This is a project management features that gets little love or usage, but it’s a hidden gem.

It;s easy to see a project run over because critical sub-tasks are overlooked.

When you come to the time of pulling it all together and you find one critical sub-task is missing, it all falls apart. Having a dependency feature is key to avoiding this.

You’re able to build out tasks which can only be started once the actions they’re dependent on have been completed.

Monday.com has a great dependencies feature that every project manager will adore.

Monday.com dependencies

Pros of Monday.com

I love Monday.com and think it’s one of the best project management tools out there. Below are a few of the key reasons why I love it.

  • It has a beautiful and easy to understand user interface
  • It is highly flexible and can be used for almost any project
  • Allows for efficient communication and collaboration between your team
  • It has a lot of powerful features which it also makes easy to use effectively
  • Has a great support team

Cons of Monday.com

While the benefits and advantages of Monday.com are huge, it’s not without a few issues.

  • The pricing options can run high the larger your team becomes.
  • It can be a little difficult to understand how to use certain features at first

Moday.com pricing

For the budget-conscious entrepreneur, Monday.com might not be the best project management app choice.

  • Essential sells for 25$ a month with five users
  • Standard sells for 39$ a month
  • Pro sells for 59$ a month

As you add more users to your plans, the price increases. So, for larger teams the fee with Monday.com can become pretty big.


A great all-round project management tool

Clickup review

ClickUp is another highly flexible project management tool that could be used for anything from marketing projects to development planning.

It is pretty incredible and if you’re not keen on Monday.com, this is what I would recommend you use.

ClickUp also has a lot of different featurs and functions that allow you to build a dashboard and project tracking system specific to your needs.

It’s also got a few unique templates and use cases that might just swing your opinion in their favour.

ClickUp’s unique project management features

Remote Work

With the pandemic forcing more businesses to embrace home working, there’s been a growing need for specific remote work project management.

ClickUp has a specific feature set built for remote work.

Clickup for remote work

The feature set means that regardless of where your employee is, they can work on project tasks, complete them and deliver quality output.

If you’re a decentralised entity or you’re making moves to be more remote work friendly, you sdhould definitely check out this feature set.

Project Planning

Clickup has various features that will enable you to manage your project without any hassle.

For instance, it has a list to view your project tasks and know which ones to prioritize.

It also has a calendar so that you can keep up with tight deadlines. Lastly, it has a Gantt chart where you can track your progress in a very obvious timeline fashion.

Agile Development

Lastly, ClickUp allows agile software development teams to track, manage and achieve the scope of a project which means launching a product on time.

With this feature, you can create and view progress using multiple agile charts.

Benefits of Using ClickUp

ClickUp is another great project management software. Some of it;s key benefits include;

  • Focuses on customers
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to operate and manage
  • It has a friendly layout
  • Suitable for project teams and single users

If you are looking for an effective way to concentrate on your clients, consider using this app.

Cons of Clickup

Here are a few drawbacks about this app to put into consideration. Examples are:

  • It is sometimes difficult to find things
  • Very task-oriented

As you can see, the cons will not make it difficult to use this app. Consider it today!

Clickup Pricing

This is another unique app that has good pricing options. They include:

  • Has a free trial
  • Unlimited option for 5$ per month billed annually
  • Unlimited option for 9$ per month billed monthly
  • Businesses can pay 9$ per month billed annually or 19$ per month billed monthly( for each user)
  • For enterprises, you should contact sales to get the pricing

So before you get it, ensure you carefully review their plans. This will help you settle with what you need.


A long time favourite for project managers

Asana review

Asana’s project management software has long been a favourite of marketers and business owners.

It was one of the first of the “modern breed” of project management tools that enabled anyone to easily set up projects, timelines, and assign tasks.

It’s come a long way since then and kept up with the competition in terms of features including;


With Asana, it’s easy for a company to set goals and achieve them within a given timeline. It gives everyone a good overview of what you’re working toward and what each individual needs to do to get you to the finish line.

Asana features


The portfolio view gives you a great overview of all projects you have going on. You’re able to quickly get an overview of where the project is in terms of completion, with the added ability to dive into each campaign to see the details.

For brands running multiple campaigns simultaneously, this is a must-have.

Asana features review - best project management software


Asana’s project management timeline brings all current tasks together into one, easy to read view.

You get a great overview of tasks, their dependencies, and also how long each will run in the calendar.

For long term planning, this is a great tool for more clarity.

Asana features

Advantages of Asana

Like earlier mentioned, this app will help keep your project flowing smoothly. Here are more benefits.

If you are not sure whether to get this app, consider taking advantage of its free plan. Who knows, you might end up impressed by its applicability!

Cons of Asana

Asana has a few disadvantages you cannot afford to overlook. Here are a few.

  • It has too many features
  • Not best for small teams
  • Lacks time-tracking

If you are a big team, you should consider investing in this app. If not, this might not be the best option.


Asana has various kinds of plans. The key plans include premium, business and enterprise.

  • Asana Premium costs 10.99$ per month for each user
  • Asana business costs 24.99$ per month for each user
  • Asana enterprise, the price is on application

Asana is quite affordable. So long as you manage your business finances, it should be easy to keep up with its payment.


A solid choice for busy brands

Basecamp review

Basecamp is another long-time player in the project management space and are currently running on the third major iteration of the tool.

Whilst Basecamp doesn’t look as flashy as some of the other options on this list, it has a powerful feature set that should help brands managing multiple teams and campaigns simultaneously.

This has a steeper learning curve than some of the other tools, but thankfully the devs have built in some incredible features to make the experience of using basecamp to manage projects simple and easy.

Jump Menu

Basecamp has a simple “jump menu” that allows you to move from one part of the app to any other and find what it is you need.

You simple start typing what it is you want to find into the search bar and, when you’ve hit go, you;re taken to the relevant entry.

When you’re managing a large, complex project, this simple feature could save you countless hours.

Basecamp features

Message boards

Basecamp includes a cool feature that is, to our knowledge, quite unique within the project management tool industry.

Message boards. Much like a forum or old fashioned online message board, you can post thoughts and other people can comment on it in a single place.

For brainstorming sessions this could be a real game-changer for decentralised companies.

Basecamp features

Notable advantages of Basecamp

Basecamp is a common app among most small businesses. Your staff can easily use it as they will not require any in-depth training. Here are extra pros.

  • The app is easy to learn and operate
  • It has excellent communication features
  • It has affordable pricing
  • One can customize for specific projects
  • Easy to back up data
  • Top-notch integration features

The most significant benefit of this app is its ability to backup data. Consider it today and you will not get disappointed.

Cons of Basecamp

Before making your decision, you also need to know the apps’ downsides. Here are a few.

  • Has limited customization features
  • Lacks advanced features
  • There is no tracking of time

If you are looking for an app with customization features, this might not be a better option. If not, consider getting this incredible app!


The app has a free 30 day trial for first-time users. After that, you will pay 99$ per month for unlimited users.


A great entry-level project management tool

Trello review

Trello has been around for a while and is a solid choice for those starting out in their journey as a project manager.

Trello is built on a boards and cards system. You set up a board for the channel – such as SEO. Then you set up card columns for the individual stages of that project.

Within the boards, your team simply has to address the cards that are relevant for them and move them to the next column.

To help you better manage this, Trello comes with a number of easy to use features including;


Trello comes with a robust library of add-ons to customise the experience.

If the project management features included as default on this tool aren’t enough, you can choose a power-up from their add-on library.

This library allows you to create more custom functionality to tackle your biggest issues with ease.


Trello features review

Different views

The problem with the board and cards system is there’s often confusion on things like timelines. You’re able to easily switch views to get a better view of the project.

Calendar and timeline views are especially useful for project managament.

Trello features


With Trello’s filters, you can easily drill down and find tasks relevant to certain use cases.

For example, find those that are overdue, assigned to a specific person, or that are coming up for a deadline.

It makes it super easy to cut through the noise and find the entries you need quickly.

Trello review

Pros of Trello

If you have multiple projects and tasks ongoing, this app might be your go-to. Below are more advantages.

  • The apps use real-time
  • Adding employees is pretty easy
  • You will never miss notifications
  • It has a simple pricing plan
  • Easy user interface
  • You can easily view all work

The above unique benefits should help you make an answer. There is no better combination than Trello and Planway.

Cons of Trello

There are some cons of using this project management tool. Here are a few.

  • Has limited storage space
  • Only suitable for small projects

If you have WIFI connectivity, it should be easy to use this app. Also, there are many solutions out there for storage space issues.


There are various pricing options for this app. They include:

  • It has a free trial option
  • Free subscription
  • 5$ per month for each team user
  • 3.5$ per month for each pro user

You can try the free usage option before you pay for the app. If impressed, consider buying it.

Trello and Planyway

A more complete project management solution

Planyway review

The major problem with Trello is that there’s a lack of cross-board views.

If you’re looking at the board for your SEO tasks, you have no idea how that ties in with your paid acquisition tasks.

Planyway is the solution to this.

It sits on top of Trello and gives you this cross board view and functionality.

The negative is that this is then a different tool. Which requires even more learning and an extra fee.

Pros of Planyway

  • Adds much-needed functionality to Trello for cross-department collaboration
  • Sits on top of Trello seamlessly

Cons of Planyway

  • Another fee
  • Another tool to learn

What Are Project Management Tools?

Project management tools help managers plan their strategy and keep a keen eye on how tasks are progressing.

Managing a single project can be a real pain, and when you’re trying to tie multiple campaigns together into a single strategy, it can be an absolute nightmare.  

You need to keep up with a lot, such as scope, timeline, budget, progress, deadlines, quality, and so much more.

Even the most experienced and qualified project managers can testify how hectic this task can be. But with the help of project management software, this task is relatively simpler.

So what is a project management tool? This tool assists a company or individual undertaking a project to allot and monitor tasks, track time efficiently, keep up with a budget, and everything else in between.

Project management tools are usually free, but you can purchase some online.

There are many kinds, and you will have a vast list of options to choose from.

This is one of the most vital tools every company needs; therefore, you should consider getting one.

What Are Their Benefits?

The key benefits of good project management software is better clarity overall processes to help you stay on time and hit deadlines.  

The right tool should help your business run more efficiently.  Here are a few benefits of using these project apps:

Meeting of Deadlines

With the help of a project management tool, it is easy for a company to meet a project’s deadline.

Unfortunately, all too often, most projects do not get completed on time. This could result from postponing project tasks or failing to stick to a given schedule.

But with the help of such software, your company will be able to complete any kind of project within a set deadline.

Moreover, everyone will know what part they should play, which helps keep the project on track, thus meeting the set deadline.

Improved Communication

Without effective communication, it will be strenuous to undertake a project.

If team players of a given project do not know what steps they are supposed to take due to miscommunication, this can adversely impact its outcome.

However, note that you do not necessarily have to send long text messages or emails when communicating.

Instead, you need to choose the most practical communication channel and ensure that all information shared is precise and straight to the point.

Easy to Incorporate Changes

The future is unpredictable, and so is your project.

You may think you have the whole project figured out, only to experience outside pressure that may require making a few changes here and there.

Without project management software, you may not know how to incorporate such changes.

When particular changes are a necessity to your project, you can make the changes directly with the help of project management apps, ensuring that all your staff is on board.

With such benefits, do not hesitate to purchase or use free project management tools.

What Are Their Disadvantages?

Besides their unique benefits, these tools have a fair share of their downside. Here are a few to keep in mind.


When purchasing high-quality software to manage your projects, you should expect to spend a couple of dollars.

While the prices are not exorbitant, the price tag maybe a little over the roof for some companies.

But with the right research and proper financial planning, you can get yourself an excellent project management software that will be worth the cost.

Final Thoughts about Project Management Tools

Project management doesn’t have to be complicated. With the help of project management tools, everything regarding your project should be as easy as ABC.

But, if you are still unsure which app to choose, do not hesitate to get help. Contact us today for any queries and consultation.

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