Partner with Growth Models as an affiliate

And get up to 50% of the revenue from users you send our way


If you have an audience that fits the below general guidelines…

  • Is made up of marketers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, growth specialists, and/or consultants (anyone with a service / offer to sell online)
  • Have an audience of at least 500 people (email list/monthly traffic etc)
  • The email list must be responsive (please provide open rates and CTR for emails)

… and you want to make some easy money, I’d love to chat.

I’m building out multiple playbooks and courses explaining the exact systems I’ve used to generate millions in revenue for clients.

And I want them to reach a wider audience.

I’m looking to partner with brands and creators who fit the above.

If that sounds like you and you’d be interested in promoting our programs, read on.

What you’ll get as an affiliate

As a Growth Models affiliate you’ll get the below.

  • A close working relationship with Pete to help you maximise conversions and referral payments
  • Up to 50% commission for each successfully referred sale
  • We’ll create a funnel for you which you can activate as an evergreen funnel or at multiple times throughout the year

What you promote?

Content marketing model

Course on turning a single piece of content into a revenue-driving machine.

Affiliate payout

$73 per sale

The high-value offer system

How to find high-value offers and effective growth strategies

Affiliate payout

$73 per sale

30- minute Landing page audit

Get an expert’s critique to boost landing page conversions

Affiliate payout

$73 per sale

I’m also working on other new courses and offers that are being added.

If you want to partner but the above are not aligned with your audience, please reach out to see what else I have ready. Other elements include, but are not limited to…

  • SEO course
  • Email marketing course
  • Landing/sales page course
  • Social ads course
  • VSL course
  • Search ads course
  • Kindle publishing course
  • Easy PR and backlinks course

How this will work

Here’s a quick overview of how this will actually work.

  1. Contact Pete through the below contact form if you fit the above requirements
    • Please make sure to include key audience statistics and your site
  2. If you’re a fit, we’ll sign you up in our Affiliate tracking software
  3. We’ll work together to find the best offer for your audience
  4. You’ll get access to our swipe file of promotions
    • You can edit these or use them as is
  5. Pete will advise on the best scheduling for maximum conversions
  6. We’ll let the campaign run its course
  7. You’ll get payouts 30 days after the customer purchases from us (to account for our guarantees)

If you’re interested, then reach out through the below.