Fed up of creating content and not getting high-quality leads or driving actual sales?

Now’s the time to ask how you can improve your content.

The Content Marketing Model teaches the system I use to create single pieces of content that generate dozens of leads every week, and have generated 6-figures in sales
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The basics of effective content marketing in 2023 are simple…

The core concepts of effective content marketing are simple.

  • Find a “problem your ideal audience faces”high volume, low competition keyword” within your niche
  • Produce a piece of content that’s better than the competition on that topic
  • Rinse and repeat

… then it’s a wait-and-see kinda game.

You wait and see if Google ranks you.

You wait and see how the competition responds so you can then respond to their response.

You wait and see what else is needed to help you” game the system” with backlinks or additional images to get better traffic.

It’s an exhausting game of cat and mouse between you and the competition.

With this method, the site with the most authority (read: backlinks) is usually the winner. If you don’t already have a domain authority above 50, you’re kinda screwed.

As it continues, you serve your audience less and less.

When your research starts with keyword research tools and ends with you “optimising for search” you’re not helping anyone but the algorithms.

Which means you might get rewarded with traffic, but rarely does it convert into high-quality leads or paying users/customers.

The problem here is that the algorithms aren’t trying to help you get clients.

They’re trying to satisfy basic search queries.

And you, to land clients, you need to…

  • Build trust
  • Showcase authority
  • Be visible for clients and customers in need

You’re not going to do that with the keyword research first approach.

Thankfully, there’s a better way.

A way I’ve used that’s generated…

  • Six-figures in consulting revenue within 12 months
  • Attracted thousands of new users for a SaaS brand
  • Created relationships and opened my network to some of the biggest names in my industry

The Content Marketing Model that actually drives revenue (instead of value-less traffic)

To cut a long story short, every time I’ve created a piece of content that’s led to incredible results I’ve used the same system. It looks a little something like this…

  • Research the audience (talk to them, stalk their online reviews, complaints, loves etc)
  • Find their biggest problem, identify the overlap in the service I’m helping promote
  • Create a piece of content that solves their most painful problem and promos the solution
  • Promote it directly to ideal users

By doing this, I’m not going up against everyone else with an Ahrefs or SEMRush account.

I’m standing out and offering real value to the end user – you know, the people who actually pay. -and not the Google algos.

One of my most successful pieces is the large analysis I did on Noom. For this piece I…

  • Did no keyword research
  • Didn’t follow any SEO best practice guidelines (hub and spoke, backlinks etc)
  • Didn’t try to make it fit within the needs of Google at all

But I knew it would be successful.


Because every growth marketer and founder I knew wanted to know how Noom had grown so quickly.

I analysed their growth and gave my ideal customers exactly what they wanted.

Did this piece generate loads of traffic?


In fact, the search term it ranks for “Noom Marketing” gets a whopping 30 searches per month.

6-figures consulting revenue from a piece with only 30 searches per month…

By a traditional SEO standpoint, this search term is a waste of time. And yet, for my consulting business it’s…

  • Generated a steady stream of dozens of new leads every week
  • Leads to at least one paid consultation every week
  • Has been the starting point for almost $200,000 in consulting revenue

Seriously, this piece has been gold for me, and that’s all without high levels of traffic as you can see from the analytics stats below.

Graph of traffic to Noom marketing article.
The amount of traffic to a piece that’s generated 6-figures in revenue. Low-traffic, high result.

All that from just under 19,000 views in 2 years.

The best thing is, this is a repeatable system I’ve used with multiple businesses in different industries to get outsized gains from single pieces of content.

And I can teach you how to do it as well.

Your content marketing coach: Pete Boyle

I’ve been working in content and marketing for ~10 years.

In that time I’ve been featured in big publications like HubSpot and Entrepreneur.

More importantly, I’ve managed to help my clients get massive gains with content by going against the popular advice.

You don’t need to spend thousands on SEO tools and “keyword grouping” strategies.

You don’t need dozens of pieces of content in an effort to find the one that’ll drive conversions.

What you do need, is a targeted approach to create something that people want and need.

that’s what leads to sales.

That’s the system I’ve used for years now, and the system I teach here.

Introducing the Content Marketing Model

How to generate 6-figures in revenue and a steady stream of qualified leads from single pieces of content.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from ~10 years of successfully producing content online and distilled it down to a simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step system that anyone can replicate and succeed switch.

Stop guessing what content to produce

Never worry about what content you should be working on again. You’ll learn the tried and tested system to find content that your ideal customers are asking for.

Create great content every single time

I’ll hand over the templates and system I’ve used to create numerous top-ranking pieces that have driven millions in revenue.

Complete control over your traffic generation

We’re not gonna wait for Google to maybe rank us. You’ll learn the promotion system I use to generate traffic of your ideal users whenever you need it.

Attract actual customers

Produce and promote content in a way that attracts people ready to buy. No more content without conversions.

If you’re ready to stop chasing meaningless content vanity metrics and create something that brings you paying customers, join the Content Marketing Model now. You’ll get instant access to…

  • Over 5 hours of video tuition. I break down the exact approach I’ve refined over years from both a high level (so you understand the why) and a detailed step-by-step (so you know how).
  • Dozens of “fill-in-the-blank” templates. There’s nothing worse than knowing what you need to do wit. out having a way to kickstart that action. these templates will help you get results in record time.
  • A risk-free money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy, just follow the refund request process.

All this and more to help you create a content marketing model that drives real business results.

Learn the system that’s driven millions of dollars in revenue from simple content pieces in multiple industries and with different offers

Stop buying into the “more is more” content ideology and start creating assets that directly contribute to growth.

Here’s what you’ll learn within the Content Marketing Model.

1. Find content topics buyers want to read

Stop chasing “high-volume, low-competition” keywords. Everyone is looking for those and you’re just adding to the noise.

I’ll give you the system and templates I’ve used to create content that attracts paying customers across several different industries.

2. Get the templates that turn readers into leads, and leads into customers

Research is useless without great content to explain how you can help.

You’ll get instant access to my “fill-in-the-blank” content templates that are directly responsible for the acquisition of high-value leads and the generation of millions of dollars in revenue.

3. Build a growing list of your ideal customers so you can keep selling to them

Less than 5% of your customers are ready to buy today.

You’ll learn how to get the other 95% onto an email list and nurture them so, when they are ready to buy, you’re the first person they think of.

4. Increase your chance of “going viral” 100 fold

Virality can never be guaranteed. But you can 100X the chance a piece gets shared hundreds of times on social.

You’ll learn the simple method and about the free tool that turns each new interested person into a viral sharer of your content.

5. Become a trusted source of information… on autopilot

Trust is simply a result of being consistent with useful information.

A core piece of content gets people in. You need to then build trust.
You’ll get the system and templates I use in all of my campaigns to turn first time visitors into trusting fans.

6. Build a name for yourself where your ideal customers hang out

Trust is simply a result of being consistent with useful information.

A core piece of content gets people in. You need to then build trust.
You’ll get the system and templates I use in all of my campaigns to turn first-time visitors into trusting fans.

7. Stop waiting for the algorithms to “find you” and start taking control of your results

It would be great if Google ranked you at number one and social algos would promote your messages to millions. But that doesn’t happen overnight.

You’ll learn the method to get super-fast results through direct promo that have helped me close deals in as little as 2 weeks.

8. A distribution system that drives traffic and leads from multiple places

Content without distribution is like bread without butter.

You’ll learn how to turn a single piece of content into dozens of posts for syndication across the web so you can generate traffic from anywhere.

What users of this model have to say…

“Pete’s Content Marketing Model teaches a really smart method for creating content that attracts high-value clients. There’s no fluff or junk here – just practical info that can be rapidly implemented. I love the emphasis on quick returns and getting a high ROI on a single piece of content.”  

Richard Rowlands – Content Marketing Specialist

Pete’s Content Marketing Model is one of the most complete resources I’ve ever stumbled across in my time as a copywriter and it’s changed the way I approach content for the better. 

There’s great info on how to find your ideal customer’s problems and create content that actually gets them to trust you.  

I’ve seen some great gains by using this system in real metrics like sign-ups and enquiries and I’d be very surprised if by the end of this, you didn’t know how to create and promote content in a way that leads to actual growth.  

It’s a great program and I can’t recommend it enough.

Alba Rodriguez – Senior B2B Copywriter and Content Marketer

A single content campaign planned, executed, created, and optimized through this model brought so many new customers to us that our support onboarding was flooded for days.”

Soma Toth – Founder – Recart

“Pete created highly engaging content, developed a thorough distribution strategy and is at all times focused on maximizing conversions. I was particularly impressed by his email copywriting skills. Some of the cold outreach campaigns used for content promo had open rates of more than 80% and way above average engagement and conversion rates.”

Anna Rehermann – Startup Growth Advisor

Arm yourself with the content strategy that gets real people to want to pay real money for your offers

As soon as you join the C content Marketing Model you’ll get access to over 5 hours of tuition and dozens of templates that’ll help you level up your content game and start driving re. l business results through content.

You’ll get access to the systems I personally use to help my own brands and those of my clients scale. Systems that include…

  • How to find content ideas that do well because they’re what your paying customers need
  • The simple method on how to position your content to not only show you’re an expert, but to also subtly promote your offer
  • The templates I’ve used to generate millions in revenue and consistently rank at the top of Google
  • How to get your readers to want to opt-in to hear more from you and hand over their email address
  • The nurture sequence I use to build trust and 2X the number of leads who want to buy from me right now
  • What I did to become an in-demand expert for large brands despite being a newbie in that industry (I’ve since made 6-figures from that industry alone)
  • How to get each new lead you get to promote your content piece and massively increase the chance of going viral (to get even more leads)
  • Annoyingly simple ways of getting your content in the hands of your ideal users right now so you’re never waiting for the algorithms to bless you
  • My “slice and dice” method for turning one piece of long-form content into dozens of social posts and syndication assets so you’re seen everywhere your ideal customers are.
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