The content system used to drive 6-figures in revenue from single pieces of content

A couple of years back I published a huge analysis piece on Noom.  It was an absolute monster, and it completely went against the common SEO advice you’ll have heard.

For this piece I….

  • Selected no keyword
  • Didn’t follow any “best SEO practice” guidelines
  • Wasn’t part of a hub and spoke model and didn’t really fit with the content on my site

But I knew it was interesting.

I knew that my audience of ideal clients – growth marketers and CMOs – would love the piece.

So I wrote it.

Even today the term that it now ranks #1 for on Google has basically no search volume.

The recorded search volume for the term that brings me 6-figures

30 searches per month.

A traditional SEO-focused content marketer would tell you this is a waste of time article.

And yet, it’s paid off and been one of the best-performing pieces I’ve ever created. 

Here’s a look at the analytics of the piece since publication.  

Graph of traffic to Noom marketing article.

A traditional SEO who monetises from ads and wants huge numbers would likely still tell you this is a trash article.

I mean, it’s hit just under 19,000 views in 2 years.  

That’s not going to help me…

  • Drive tens of thousands in ad revenue
  • Create brand awareness that means everyone in my industry knows of me
  • Give me a large luck “surface area” where I can hedge my bets and hope something sticks with my audience

Here’s the thing.

This piece wasn’t intended to do any of these things.

It wasn’t meant to attract traffic. It was meant to attract clients and make real money.

And it’s done an exceptional job at it.  

In the 2 years since it’s been published, I can trace nearly $200,000 in consulting work back to this single article. 

I’ve had…

  1. Founders, CMOs, and heads of growth from Noom’s competition approach me for consulting work. 
  2. Founders of 7 and 8-figure companies reach out to me to ask if they can hire me to do the same for their brand.
  3. Startups and new offers reach out to see if I can help them rebuild some of Noom’s magic in their new product.

We’re two years after that piece, and I haven’t updated it once. And yet I still get a handful of consulting clients from it every single month.

This kind of deep dive content that’s optimised for the human (not the Google Bots) is one of the best ways for you to quickly and easily drive real business gains.

When I look back at my career, some of my biggest wins have come from content that wasn’t optimised for SEO, but was built to solve a painful ideal client/customer problem.

For example…

  • A single piece of content published on Crazy Egg persuaded a founder to fly to the UK to hire me for their startup (led to them giving me a small equity stake in the company)
  • A single piece of content helped me get the first 500 subscribers and initial monetisation on a new offer within a few weeks of launch.  
  • A single piece of content has helped forge relationships with some major players in the space (Sean Ellis of Hacking Growth fame)

I could keep listing things but, a lot of the successes I’ve had in my career can be traced back to content. 

Most content marketing advice is wrong

In my opinion, a lot of the common content marketing advice you see around…

You see people saying that you need to go for…

  • High volume low competition keywords
  • Cover general search queries like “what is X”
  • Explaining how it’s going to take ~6 months for Google to rank your pages

All of the above can be true. 

But I’m not patient enough to wait 6 months to see a return on my content.  

In the Noom piece above (and the other pieces I’ve used this approach with) I’ve seen results within a week of publishing. 


Cause I don’t sit around on my arse waiting for Google to do its thing. 

And by results I’m not talking about traffic, I’m talking about…

  • Requests for calls and initial consults
  • Enquiries of my consulting availability
  • Qualified leads jumping into my email list

This method works to actively grow brands in a short amount of time.  

And the best thing? This is something AI is nowhere near being able to replicate, so you’re futureproofing yourself for at least a few years with this.  

I’m looking for up to 10 people to teach it to. 

I’m putting together a step-by-step process that you’ll be able to follow to create and distribute this kind of content and get the results like the above with regularity.

Seriously, there’s a system to learn with this which allows you to replicate the success on demand.

You’ll walk away with the entire content growth model I’ve used several times and continue to get results with today. 

But, this isn’t for everyone.  

In fact, I’m only looking for people who fit the below…

Who can benefit from this?

This program is specifically for those who…

  • Have an offer that’s ready for customers 
  • SaaS brands who want to onboard more users
  • Service providers selling high-ticket offers
  • People who can dedicate at minimum 3-4 hours per week to get this done

What’s included?  

This will include everything you need to set up a piece of content that drives ready-to-buy leads to your business.  

And not just once, once you’ve got this down, you can do this again and again and again.  

At the base level, here’s what’s included in the content marketing model.

  1. Dozens of templates to help you quickly action the advice
  2. Over 5 hours of video guidance

Here’s a more specific breakdown of what’s included by module.

1. Find the content topic that actually drives results.

A lot of content markeitng advice is SEo basics of “high volume, low competition”.

Thing is, these articles and concepts rarely convert.

We’ll kick off the CMM with a system for identifying your highest profit targets, and the content that will get their interest.

Get instant access for $147 now

2. How to write content that attracts, keeps, and builds user interest so they want to know more.

I’ve been copywriting for brands for 10 years. Over that time I’ve created foolproof templates. tohelp anyone churn out great content.

And you’ll get access ot the templates ot help you create kliller content in this program.

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3. Learn how to consistently turn readers into leads with effective “upgrades”

Blog traffic is useless for most of us.

We need. toturn readers into leads. Why? Because you can continue marketing to leads and get a better return by nurturing that relationship.

I’ll teach you the methods I’ve used to generate leads. onautopilot from content including real-world examples that have done numbers.

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4. Turning leads into advocates for insane reach

A lot of advice for increasing reach is to “do the reps and be patient”.

It’s not bad advice, but I’m impatient.

I’ll show you. thesimple system I’ve used dozens of times to get new leads to promote your offer and massively increase reach and traffic.

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5. The nurture sequence that gets high value users to purchase

Sales come from trust.

This simple sequence builds trust and naturally gets the user to reach out for that logical next step of hiring you.

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6. The social launch sequence to get word out and in front of ideal users

This isn’t just sharing to social and hoping the algo decides to help you out.

This simple approach will help immediately boost your reach and get countless users and clients to see your offer.

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7. The direct promotion system that ensures. yourideal customers see your content and enter your funnel

Waiting on Google and social algos is fine. But like I said, I’m impatient.

This section will run you through a simple, tried-and-tested method to get your ideal customers to check out your content and enter your nurture funnel.

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8. The syndication system to boost reach be seen across the web

Your site is just one location. We want this content to be seen across the web.

With the simple syndication system we’ll be building reach and links from major sites to get you more leads.

And, I’ve added a bonus module explaining how to simply syndicate your content in bitesize posts and engagement-generating thoughts on social.

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