Find high-value offers and approaches that get people to pay

This tried-and-tested system finds high-value offers and approaches for you to build.
Use this system to find great new approaches, then use AI to create them

Growing a business in an AI-first world

Creating a content strategy, new offer, or even an APP has never been easier thanks to AI.

And that’s great, but, it also presents a huge problem.

What we’re seeing is a lot of people creating offers and strategies that real people don’t want or care about.

They’re building things because they can, not because people want them. A lot of builders and brands are taking a quantity-first approach.

Even though AI makes this far faster, it’s still pointless if no one will actually pay you for it.

Add to that the increased noise as everyone is jumping on the “create this with AI bandwagon” and it’s the perfect storm for people creating assets real people just don’t want.

I’m not saying AI is useless. Far from it. It’s a great tool to speed production. What I am saying is the way most people rely on AI for everything in their business will backfire.

So what’s the best way to stand out from the crowd and get people to pay for your new offer or approach?

Add a real, human touch to your AI processes.

AI should not be replacing two key elements of growing new offers or creating new business strategies. It doesn’t matter if you’re using AI for…

  • Content marketing
  • To create a new MVP
  • Sales and outreach processes
  • Anything related to the core growth of your business

A real person should be involved both in the planning and strategy and the quality assurance before anything goes live.

The strategy element on the front end is by far the most important.

If you don’t know what it is you want to achieve or have any idea how you’re going to achieve it, AI is a useless tool.

You’re not going to be able to give it useful prompts. Nor are you going to be able to direct it to get the results your customers want.

This system will help you avoid this pitfall.

What is the High-Value Offer System?

This is the system I’ve used for 10+ years to…

  • Create offers people actually pay for
  • Identify as-yet untapped growth strategies
  • Create content systems that attract and convert customers
  • Understand how to talk to my client’s customers to scale growth

I’ve used this for my own brands and for my clients.

It is incredibly simple and can be taught to anyone.

What this system will allow you to do is find…

  • Powerful, money-generating ideas your ideal customers want to pay for
  • Create a unique angle that helps you stand out from the crowd
  • Understand what needs to be fed into an AI to get the results you and your customers need
  • Pre-sell the offer to potential customers so you can easily find your first handful of paying users

It’s basically a simple way to find high-value offers you can sell.

Yes, it’s more time intensive than just asking AI to do it for you.

But it saves time in the long run as you’ll no longer waste time pursuing ideas that no one wants to buy.

Stand out from the crowd and use AI to create offers people actually want to buy.

What’s included?

Below you’ll find a quick explanation and sneak peek of some of the materials you’ll get access to in this course.

1.0 – Finding your people

  • Identify who your ideal market is by leveraging past experience and interest
  • Find a potential offer area you’ll be offering

2.0 – Understanding what people will pay for

  • Understand what it is people really want to pay for
  • How to get the truth from potential customers
  • High and low-touch research methods

3.0 – Finding your high-value offer

  • How to analyse your research and turn it into a compelling offer
  • Tips on creating a unique angle to stand out from the crowd

4.0 – Validation and initial marketing

  • A simple process to validate your new offer by getting people to pay for it
  • How to close easy sales to get initial traction

5.0 – Tool recommendations

  • Recommendations to help with this process
  • Recommendations to help you fulfil and create your offer now it’s validated

Testimonials from clients I’ve used this system with


Let’s go over a few of the Qs you might have.

  1. Who is this for?

This is really for anyone who is thinking of using AI to create something. What I want to help you do is not create things because you can, but rather create things because people want them.

It’ll save you time, money, and effort.

You can use the findings from this system to inform everything from…

  • Content strategy
  • Creation of new offers
  • Sales processes and outreach
  • Discovering new features/elements to add to existing offers

It’s all about finding out what people want before creating something no one will pay for.

2. How much is it?

It’s $150. .

4. What if I don’t like it?

There’s a 14-day questions-asked money-back guarantee.

The question is basically how much you’ve implemented. We’ll check to see the course progress. This is to disincentivise people who come in, copy all the content, then get a refund without ever having tried any of the steps.

5. Does the course come with support?

No. If we were to add support there’s a huge amount of man-hours involved and we’d have to raise the price significantly.

This is a self-led course. Don’t worry, it is a very simple to follow step-by-step methodology.

6. How long will it take to see results

That depends on you and how fast you work.

I once launched a new offer and secured $8000 in pre-sales within 4 weeks.

I worked with a client and we saw ~$15,000 in sales within 6 weeks (4 weeks research and planning, 2 weeks execution).

Both of these were done “part-time”.

You should be able to identify something in as little as 4 weeks, but for most it will likely be between 8-12 weeks.