Testimonials and client reviews

I’ve probably helped a company just like yours.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to help dozens of clients across multiple different industries and product types.

From SaaS brands and eCom vendors to information products and lead generation companies. Some of these clients have been global brands, others small startups you’ve not yet heard of.

In addition to helping these brands, my thoughts and approaches to marketing have been featured in some of the most well-respected publications on business and growth.

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Over the years, my thoughts and ideas have been featured by brands including…

Reviews from clients

I have a vested interest in making these claims. The more I get you to believe that I’m as good as I say I am, the more likely you are to hire me.

It’s a catch-22 in marketing. A customer will never believe the claims of the provider 100%.

The best solution to this?

A good stable of customer and client testimonials. Below is a range of customer testimonials from brands I’ve helped. If you want to see how much I could help you, then get a free strategy session now.

A single campaign he planned, executed, created, and optimized brought so many new customers to us that our support onboarding was flooded for days.

Soma Toth – Founder – Recart

I was particularly impressed by his email copywriting skills. Some of his cold outreach campaigns had open rates of more than 80% and way above average engagement and conversion rates.

Anna Rehermann – Startup Growth Specialist

Pete adapted and evolved his strategies to good effect in the short time he had to both get to grips with our industry & deliver results.

Jack Maden – Demand Gen – Decibel

Pete helped me flesh out our strategy in a way that’s substantially strengthened our results.

Greg Nimer – Founder – Sparkze

Pete advised on strategy for one of our stealth projects. Fast, meticulous to detail, actionable recommendations.

Andrew Ahachinsky – Founder

Pete’s growth strategies are alway effective because he doesn’t just look at the individual components — he considers how each component in the system contributes to a seamless, compelling user journey.

Amin Bashi – Co-founder – Bloom

Pete knows just what to say to grab the attention of potential clients and how to turn them from leads into paying customers.

John Yorgos – Founder – Tipsters’ Portal

Pete did an exceptional job on a recent project, in which the approach he created generated one of the highest engagement we had.

Ada Okoli – VP Marketing – Zoovu

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