How Noom grew to a 9-figure revenue by going against common marketing advice

Noom grew to a 9-figure revenue despite going head to head against huge, established brands. Here's the full breakdown explaining exactly how they did it.
How Noom grew to a 9-figure revenue by going against common marketing advice

Noom’s sales sequence goes against pretty much all of the advice I’ve ever heard on selling products online.

Specifically the advice to make the sign up and purchase journey as short as possible.

Noom’s initial sales sequence has 65+ pages to it. Which means you’re looking at making a user take ~64 actions before they become a customer.

Crazy, right?

Thing is, Noom’s crazy successful making hundreds of millions in revenue every year.

So, a few weeks back I sat down with fellow marketer Dan McDermott to try and deconstruct what Noom does so well. We hoped to identify their key actions and templatise them so you too could action similar strategies yourself.

As we delved deeper into Noom’s marketing strategies we discovered more actions, strategies, and angles deserving of analysis.

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Let's get into it.

What is Noom?

In short, it's a weight loss app that's gamified the process of losing weight.  

The growth Noom has experienced is - without doubt - incredible.  

In the introductory sections, we break down exactly how they've grown in terms of revenue and funding over the last decade and highlight the patterns between their funding and growth.  

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Noom's positioning and messaging

Noom entered into a highly competitive market.

They were going up against long time industry leaders like Weight Watchers. And yet, they've managed to pull the rug from under these giants and grow to a 9-figure revenue.  


Through more effective positioning and messaging that aligns more closely with the modern user's needs.  

We dedicated a full section to analysing Noom's positioning and explaining how they've managed to differentiate from well known brands.

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Noom's pricing strategy

Noom once again hit it out of the park when it comes to their pricing strategy.  

We've all heard of "smart" pricing strategies. Brands using "$1 trials" or freemium models to get people in before upselling them.

Noom take this to the next level. They not only use the generic best practices you've heard about, they also use a number of smart psychological principles to kick the normal advice into overdrive.

We went deep on analysing their pricing strategy and used it to create an easily replicable model you could use in your business. To get access to all these materials and more, sign up for the Membership here.  

Noom's acquisition and ad spend

Noom is spending millions of dollars on advertising.  

Most brands throw their cash into something pretty obvious like Facebook ads. And sure, Noom also do that.

But their wider ad strategy is insanely detailed and helps them do a couple of really smart things.

Chief among them is absolutely dominating the SERPs for relevant search terms.

Noom "own" pretty much the entirety of page 1 in Google for BoFu terms, and yet, none of those results are to Noom's site.

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We've also outlined a process to help you dominate page 1 with affiliate offers.  

Noom's sales sequence

This is the big one with Noom.

It goes against every single piece of marketing best practice advice you've ever heard. And yet it's an incredible example of time-tested psychological principles like...

  • The yes ladder
  • Price anchoring

And more.  

It all culminates in an incredible sales sequence that's the most compelling on the market.  

We break this entire sequence down by section, and then by individual steps to highlight the brilliance of their cognitive behaviour approach.

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Takeaways and lessons learned

Breaking Noom down to its core teaches a huge number of valuable marketing lessons.

Especially when it comes to the psychology behind why people make purchase decisions.

Noom have created something that should live for years in the marketing world as a gold-tier case study.  

If you don't have time to read the full analysis, we've got you covered.

We created a couple of simple, easy to consume key takeaways so you can get an overview of the learnings in just a few minutes.

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