The recommended Growth Model for your brand is…

Outreach – Landing Page – Onboarding – Referral

For you, I’d recommend an outreach funnel that relies on the strength of your offer.


You’ll need to identify your ideal customer personae and understand where they hang out.

After creating a great landing page you’ll be reaching out to these people manually to get them to try your tool on a free trial basis.

Low risk for them, easily trackable for you.

Landing Page

A well-optimised landing page that explains the key benefits and helps reduce the risk of purchase is needed here.

Follow tried and tested templates for your industry. Be sure to speak to the transformation the offer provides and make sure you remove any objections around risks the user might identify.


Once they’re in, you have to onboard them so they see the value of your offer – and get more value than their impending charge will be.

One of the things I’ve always found to be super effective with onboarding is to find your “highest ROI feature”.

This is the feature a lot of your best users rely on every day to help them get better ROI.

Discover this and direct new people how to action it ASAP so they immediately see the value.

Use the channel (email, in-app messages, 1-2-1 calls) that best fits your offer and audience.


When you know the customer has got great value from your offer, it’s time to ask them if they know of anyone in their network who could also benefit from your offer.

You’re trying to turn one customer into 2 here. If necessary, incentivise the referral with a revenue split of referred revenue.

In my experience, the most important (and often poorly optimised) element of this system is the landing page. So many brands miss out on easy customer conversions because their landing page isn’t up to spec.

If you’re worried that your landing page isn’t converting as well as it could be, check out our landing page audit below.

Within the audits, I bring experience gained over 10 years of writing and optimising high-performing landing pages to offer highly actionable advice on how to improve conversion rates.

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