The recommended Growth Model for your brand is…

Email sales sequence – Landing page – Email post sale – Social shares

For you, I’d recommend a email launch approach.

You have the audience, and you have a new offer. Build this model to sell the new offer to existing audience members, and then add new audience members to the top of the funnel for ongoing growth.

Email sales sequence

If you already have an audience and you want to launch a new offer to them, you need to create a compelling,multi-email sequence.

Make sure you’re hinting at the benefits of the offer and removing any objections in this email sequence. Let it run for anywhere between 3 days (low price offer) to a few weeks (high price offer).

The goal is to get as many of your existing audiencer to become intrigued and check out your landing page.

Landing page

A well-optimised landing page that explains the key benefits and helps reduce the risk of purchase is needed here.

Follow tried and tested templates for your industry. Be sure to speak to the transformation the offer provides and make sure you remove any objections around risks the user might identify.

Email post-sale

With their email captured, you can nurture them and get them to take further actions such as sharing on social, buying again, or simply getting some feedback.

A simple follow-up to let them know more about their purchase will build trust, and can be used to facilitate the above actions.

A sequence to help them get the highest value will ensure they don’t ask for a refund and are happy to promote you.

Social shares

Once you’ve built trust and know the user has seen the value in your offer, ask them to share their experience and/or opinions (if they like it) on social media to expand reach.

If you’re not sure how to implement this model or you want more specific advice on how to grow your company, let us know.

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