The recommended Growth Model for your brand is…

Content and ads – Upgrades – Emails – Referrals

For you, I’d recommend you look at an ad-powered content-focused funnel. Here’s how it looks.


This is all about producing a best-in-class, highly targeted piece of content. The piece addresses the burning need your ideal customer/client has and gives them the roadmap to solve it.

You’re then going to boost the reach of this piece of content through targeted ads to your ideal audience.


Whatever the content is about, ask yourself what the next step for the user is and what they’d need to take it.

Add a template, guide, or some form of download that helps them get the result they want.

If they want the templates, they have to hand over their email address.


With their email captured, you can nurture them.

Send a series of emails that introduce your brand, what you do, and tell them how to take the next step to get your offer.

This is part nurture, part sales sequence.


When you know the customer has got great value from your offer, it’s time to ask them if they know of anyone in their network who could also benefit from your offer.

You’re trying to turn one customer into 2 here. If necessary, incentivise the referral with a revenue split of referred revenue.

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