How Morning Brew grew to 8-figure revenues competing with century-old brands

Morning Brew have changed the marketing landscape, showing brands across the globe that a simple email newsletter can be highly profitable. We break down how they did it.
How Morning Brew grew to 8-figure revenues competing with century-old brands

Both Dan and I are writers.

As such, we've always got our eyes on brands who achieve incredible things with little more than words on a page.

Morning Brew is one such brand.

They not only managed to grow to an 8-figure revenue with little more than a daily newsletter, but they've also managed to change perception of email marketing.

I genuinely believe a lot of the modern push and popularisation of brands like Substack is thanks to the success brands like Morning Brew and like The Hustle have achieved.  

For a long time, a newsletter was an "add-on" for many marketing managers.  

Something that took time to create but didn't really offer much int he way of reward.  

Morning Brew are proof that the newsletter itself can drive real business goals. Which is why we spent weeks analysing and deconstructing how they've done it so you can too.  

We dived deep into their growth to understand and analyse why they've been so successful.  

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What is Morning Brew?

Morning Brew have achieved incredible growth over the last few years.

It's incredible to see how quickly they've grown.

What's unsurprising is WHY they've grown. In this section we deconstruct the basic background, founding, and growth of one of the world's most interesting modern media companies.

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Morning Brew's Positioning and Messaging

How does a new company, started by college students, successfully take on brands like The WSJ that have been in business for over a century?

By identifying a simple shortfall in their service and exploiting it for maximum impact.

This is an age-old marketing lesson.  

Find a problem, solve it, and put that solution in front of potential customers.

If the problem is big enough and the solution effective, customers will flock to you.

Morning Brew's approach to this is simply masterful, we went to great lengths to deconstruct their differentiation approach so you could replicate it in your brand.

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Morning Brew's Revenue Model

Here's the thing.  

It's easy to start a daily newsletter. But it's extremely difficult to generate a highly profitable income stream with it.

Morning Brew have figured out an ingenious way to turn daily thoughts into cash in the bank.

It's most similar to the Jumbotron at a sports game or a podcast ad.

More interesting though is how it doesn't detract form the UX, which means they can monetise their content without annoying people.

We've broken down the whole monetisation strategy and templatised it so you could replicate it yourself. You can get full access to their monetisation secrets by joining the Membership today.  

Morning Brew's Emails

Morning Brew's differentiation and revenue model have ensured their success.

However, they'd be nothing if Morning Brew didn't have a quality deliverable at the heart of their operations.  

We spent hours analysing their emails to decipher the frameworks and templates they use to achieve industry breaking engagement.

Here's the thing, when you spend the time to deconstruct their layouts, you'll see that there is a very defined, and very easy to replicate, framework that can be copied.  

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Morning Brew's Referral System

The Morning Brew team went to great lengths to build our their referral system.

We're talking custom coding, multiple iterative tests, and of course the ,multiple headaches associated with building something from scratch.  

Here's the thing.

That referral sequence was so effective it's become the industry standard.

We're talking multiple other brands copying the approach and a number of software services have been created to help you replicate the same approach.  

While the engineering behind the system is impressive, the softer marketing side is where this is kicked into overdrive.

In the Membership version, you can learn about that softer side and understand WHY Morning Brew's referral sequence works so well. We also point you at the best SaaS tools to help you get up and running in a day.  

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