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… that have been developed and refined over ~10 years of marketing (and counting)

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How you doing? 

So, here’s the deal – I’m opening the marketing vault doors to my super-secret collection of templates and cheat sheets.  

If you’re a consultant/freelancer who helps your clients with any aspect of marketing…

… your clients are gonna throw money at you after you add digits to their results.  

If you’re an in-house CMO struggling to oversee and develop the marketing assets for various channels…

… you’ll get tested templates to hand off to your team almost guaranteeing success.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s launching or growing your own offers and business…

… you’ll skip several headache-inducing stages of growth and get a leg up on the competition and in revenue.  

Seriously, I still use (and refine) all of the templates and frameworks I’m offering to you today in my own business and for brands I advise.  

Once you get your hands on these bad boys the “nitty-gritty” of producing high-converting sales pages, email sequences, ads, and more becomes so easy a brand-new hire with next to no experience could handle them. 

Which gives you more time to…

  1. Look at the next big-needle-moving strategic play for your brand
  2. Clear the hundreds of Stripe notifications that will be clogging up your phone

Just like Soma at Recart who, after using my templates to secure some strategic partnerships had more time to… deal with the huge amount of new customers I brought them.  

Or Manuel who collected a cool ~$14,000 in 2 weeks after using my simple product email launch sequence to launch a brand new product to a completely cold email list.

And not to brag (well…maybe a little), but there are plenty of other folk I’ve helped improve their marketing and growth results with these templates. 

From my cold outreach templates – 80%+ open rates

From my Search Ad Templates

From my blog article templates

From my sales page and email templates (9000 new customers in 3 months)

So I’m looking for more marketers, founders, and entrepreneurs who want to open the floodgates to new customers and sales using tried, tested, and continually refined growth templates.  

What will you get? 

Well, let’s go through it. 

Deliverable #1 – The “Take my money” sales page pack

I used to do a lot of sales and landing pages for brands in all industries and figured out a simple basic framework that works to increase conversions across the board.  

I even detailed the process in an article which ranked #1 for “Conversion Copywriting” before being taken offline.  

In this pack, you’ll get everything you need to quickly and easily assemble incredible sales pages including…

  • My “Idiot’s research sheet” that makes it easy for you to identify the talking points and language that turn on the fence browsers into committed buyers
  • Several “put this content here” landing page templates for industries including SaaS, Info Products, and coaching

Former retail price – $250

Running total – $250

Get access for $99 now

Deliverable #2 – The “Top of mind” email bundle

Email marketing was my (and my client’s!) bread and butter for years.  

But it’s not a case of just shooting a “buy this now” email to get best results. You’ve gotta know how to stay top of mind and build trust. 

In this package, you’ll get everything you need to turn email into a money-printing channel, including;

  • The simple method and template for highly effective and easy-to-write newsletters that keep your audience on the precipice of buying your next offer
  • The successfully-tested-multiple-times email launch sequence that’s helped me achieve everything from small 4-figure beta launches to 7-figures in sales of established programs

Former retail price – $150

Running total – $400

Get access for $99 now

Deliverable #3 – The “rank on Google” blog article templates

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some mega brands including HubSpot, BigCommerce, UnBounce and more on blog content.  

Every brand has their own templates for high-performing blog content. 

Having worked with many, I’ve taken what’s worked, removed what doesn’t, and made the rest uniquely my own. 

The result? Blog article templates that have ranked #1 for various high-competition keywords.  

Here’s what’s included;

  • The listicle template that takes ~30 minutes to fill out and attracts thousands of high-intent browsers every month
  • The “ultimate guide” piece that builds authority and trust – making sales sooooo much easier
  • The “101 intro” template that helps attract early users to your brand and fill the top of your funnel

Former retail price – $100

Running total – $500

Get access for $99 now

Deliverable #4 – The Not so cold outreach templates

A few years back I set up as an agency and grew to ~$24,000 / month within a few months. 


Solid cold outreach strategy and messaging. All of which is now available for free in this little bundle that includes…

  • Cold emails that feel like they’re from an old friend (and get the same kind of favourable responses)
  • The simple LinkedIn outreaches that get people to say hi not bye
  • The Twitter cold outreach approach I’ve used to add big-time names to my network

Former retail price – $100

Running total – $600

Get access for $99 now

Also in the pipeline…

  • Social ad templates
  • Search ad templates
  • My 6-figure negotiation script

All this and more is coming very soon.

The value of the deliverables this is launching with is AT LEAST $600.  

But, I’m letting it all go now for $99.  


Because I want to give it away, but I have to keep the lights on and the site running. 

And the only way I can do that is to charge. 

That little fee also means I can keep coming back to these templates I already use and update them as I complete more growth studies or run tests in new areas. 

In other words, for the early-bird price of $99 you could get permanent access to a consistently updated library of templates that are refined and improved based on in-depth research and real-world testing. 

Not a bad deal. 

So, sign up now and get instant access t dozens of templates.  

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P.S. – Don’t think this is a one-time thing and I’m offering templates that work now, but will fail in a couple of years. 

I’m basically offering you a link to my own personal Google Drive.

Particularly the folder where I keep all of the templates I use on a day-to-day basis. 

That means you’re getting access to a huge list of templates that are based on in-depth research of industry best practices, and then refined from real-world application and testing. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Sign up now to get access to the vault.  

Get access tot he CMOs secret lockbox here

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