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Learn the system I’ve used to generate 6-figure revenues from single pieces of content in this free training.

A free 1-hour training explaining how to win with content marketing in 2023

What you’ll learn

How to find high-impact content topics WITHOUT spending hundreds on SEO tools

You may get lower traffic, but you’ll get far more paying customers (which is what really matters)

The secret to creating content that gets your ideal users to actually take the action you want them to

No more “read and then bounce” traffic. You’ll learn how to get the contact deets of your ideal users on autopilot.

Never wait for the algorithms to (maybe) bless you again. Start seeing traffic in as little as a week

I’m not a fan of waiting for Google or the social algos to warm up to me. You’ll learn what I do to supercharge traffic from day 1 after publication.

A little more detail on what’s included…

In this free video training you’ll learn the exact system that I’ve used to…

  • Generate 6-figures in consulting revenue
  • Bring thousands of new users to my clients
  • Open doors and create relationships with some of the industry’s biggest players

… all from a single piece of content.

That’s right.

A single piece of content.

But content marketing requires loads of content, right?

You can approach content that way.

And, if you’re good at it, it can work. But it also requires a lot of work.

I mean, most SEO strategies aren’t just about writing a piece of content. To get success you have to…

  • Show topical authority through multiple relevant articles
  • Build backlinks from external sites to build perceived authority
  • Make sure content is optimised and updated frequently

And all of this while trying to hold off the competition who are gunning for those top spots.

This approach is only going to get harder as AI becomes more prevalent.

Good SEOs can spin up decent content in just a few clicks and be competing with you in days or weeks, not months.

It’s a lot of work, and a lot of competition.

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But there’s an easier way…

I first experimented with this content marketing model back in 2018.

I created a single piece of content for a client using the system I outline in the free training.

Within a week of publishing, it had overloaded the clients onboarding support staff with new users.

Since then, I’ve managed to get similar results for other clients and with my own businesses. For example, with single pieces of content, I’ve managed to…

  • Generate 6-figures of consulting revenue from a single piece
  • Collect a steady stream of leads for my own consulting businesses
  • Add thousands of new users to a client’s SaaS business over a 12-month period
  • Craft relationships with influential players in various spaces (for myself and clients)

And more. All of this is done not through high-volume, low-intent SEO content. But through specific pieces of content that aim to solve the ideal customer’s most painful problem.

In this free training, I’ll outline the entire method I use to do this.

What you’ll learn in this free content marketing training

In this free training you’ll learn…

  • The first step 90% of marketers get wrong with content marketing that ends their campaign before the content even’s written (and how to avoid it)
  • The simple method to identify your ideal customer personae and ensure your content is solving their needs
  • The tried-and-tested method to craft content that gets likes, shares, and meaningful engagement from your ideal users
  • A simple approach to turn readers into leads, and nurture them into paying users/customers
  • A nurture sequence that’s helped me turn on the fence “maybes” into “take my money” customers
  • The “don’t be a passive marketer” approach that gets your piece of content in front of and read by your ideal customer
  • A couple of sneaky viral hooks and loops I’ve used to take “middle of the road” social posts and increase their reach to thousands of potential users

All this, and more, is outlined in the free training.

And you can get access to it right now by dropping your email address below.

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