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Why your content strategy isn't working

If you're creating content that's not working, here's what you need to do.

You don’t need tonnes of content to get results. But you do need the right content.

Here’s what I’ve seen generate the fastest results and shortest payback period.

Start with BoFu content.

Most brands go straight for high volume seed keywords targeting the top of the funnel. They churn out tonnes of articles like…

  1. What is [TOPIC]
  2. [TOPIC] 101

Or something really vague like “Is your [TOPIC] [PROBLEM]?”

Brands love this shit.

Especially when getting a content strategy off the ground. Problem is, these ToFu pieces take an age to provide results.


Well, for 2 reasons.

  1. It’s often crazy competitive for these generic pieces
  2. They target people in the initial stages of their research

It’s the second one that’s the true problem here.

These pieces are attracting people nowhere near ready to buy.

This audience has to go through several more steps before they’re ready to purchase from you.

To sell to them, you’d have to grab their contact details and slowly work through the stages of awareness, all the time hoping you’re not going to lose their interest or lose them to a competitor.

So what’s a better way of building a content strategy?

Start at the bottom of the funnel.

A good example of this was our Adam Enfroy study.

If you start at the bottom of the funnel with pieces like…

  1. The X best [TOOL] for [PROBLEM]
  2. How to solve [PROBLEM] for good
  3. How [X] Achieved [Y] using [YOUR OFFER]

You’re attracting people who are closer to the purchase. They're actively looking for a solution to their problem.  

Which means your payback period on content is shorter. Meaning you make money faster.

And then you can work backwards up the funnel to create MoFu and ToFu content to increase the traffic to your “ready to convert” articles.

Check any of the big players and they invest heavily in BoFu content like…

  • Case studies
  • Comparison pieces
  • Reviews of popular tools/services

The best news is that many of these BoFu articles can be easily templated.

Or more accurately, have been templated by me.

If you want access to the templates I’ve worked on and have got to the top of Google for multiple terms, check out the link below.

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