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What no one considers with email launches

The secret to an effective email launch isn't just sending sales promos. There's a system to be followed for big sales.

Email launches can be one of the most profitable assets for any brand or marketer.

But only if done right.  

A lot of folk love to scream "EmAiL HaS thE HigHeSt RoI" - which is true.

Problem is this doesn't help people leverage the channel.  It just gets them excited and often leads to bad emails that are little more than pushy sales promos.  

Here's what years of writing and analysing email launches has taught me.

Email might have the highest ROI, but it's not marketing on easy mode.  

You can't just send a vaguely interesting email with a CTA to "buy now" for a profitable product launch.

Much like sales pages have tried and tested defined formulae like...

  • AIDA
  • PAS
  • 4 Cs

... successful launch sequences follow similar patterns.

I'm not talking about each email's content here (although that's also important)  - I'm talking about the entire sequence.  

Deconstruct any big-name launch and you'll see similar patterns from the initial announcement through to cart close.  

Here's the basic overview most marketers use for big numbers.

  1. The hand raise
  2. The problem (where they're stuck)
  3. The "checkout open"
  4. The ideal outcome (where they'll be once done)
  5. The FOMO/Guarantee
  6. The closing soon

Some stages you can cover in a single email, others might need 2+.

But the basic system is always similar.

I'm templatising the basic system I've used across successful launches.

It follows the above basic outline, and includes emails within each stage for you to copy.

Meaning you can create a great launch sequence with next to no effort.  

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