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Turning one success into many

What should you do when a simple tactic starts working for your brand?

So you've seen a small campaign or test generate results.  

What do you do now to scale the operation and the ROI?

I recently had a consulting client ask this, here's what we discussed.  

In short, the brand has a new offer which they've seen some good traction with.  

We jumped on a consulting call and they said...

"We've a few thousand users onboarded through tactic X. We want to know what other tactics we can add to the strategy."

"OK" I replied, "how often do you run tactic X?"

"We've used it through one channel about once per month" was the answer.  

Can you see where I'm going with this?

My advice to them was NOT build out other tactics and channels.  

But to double down and systemise what's working so it creates predictable results.

Say, for example, you find you can drive a few hundred new users to your site through Reddit posts.  

Do you pat yourself on the back and then post on Quora?

Hell no.  

You create a system that allows you to post to Reddit several times per day/week.  

You hit that tactic for all it's worth and get the maximum ROI from it.

You'll discover that X daily posts gets the best result before diminishing returns.  

You create a system to maintain that, THEN you look at adding other tactics.

Go deep first, then go wide with your approaches.  

If something is working in your business. Do more of it.  

Then add different tactics and approaches to the mix.

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