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The secret success sauce so many avoid

The secret sauce to business success so many others ignore

"I'm an expert".

It's the ultimate goal for many. To be seen as the expert in their field and viewed as the final word on whatever it is they're interested in.

Jump on social media and it feels everyone's a bloody expert.

Everyone's telling you about "the one secret trick" to whatever it is they're now a self-professed guru in.

90% of the time, the "expert" is only a little further (if any) ahead of you in their journey.  

Everyone seems to be rushing for this perceived expert status.

Here's the thing.

The people who are the genuine experts, the Tim Ferriss's, Seth Godins, and Sean Ellis's of the world spend most of their time being curious.

They're out there - day in and day out - looking at their industry and interests to learn more about them.  

They share their learnings, not their expertise, with their audience. Which grows their perceived expertise.  

I've noticed a similar effect myself - if on a much smaller scale.

The Growth Studies I complete within the premium membership are little more than a curious analysis of a brand's growth and revenue generation.

But I have learned a tonne by doing them.  

And I have no shortage of other people now asking me for advice.  

Curiosity is a genuine superpower when it comes to growing your business.  

You have to stop trying to be the fount of knowledge, and start looking to grow your knowledge by asking questions and doing deep research.

In time, you'll become the expert.  

And if you want a shortcut to the analysis, check out the curiosity-driven analysis available the Growth Studies here.  

Speak soon.


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