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The landing page formula for easy wins

Creating a high-converting landing page doesn't have to be hard.

Continuing on from yesterday's landing page message.

So once you've got the old how, what, why, message outlined, what then?

What comes below the fold for products and offers?

Again, there's a simple method to follow for the best results with a new version/challenger.  

1 - Problem

First, you talk about the problem with the current solution.

Make sure you talk about the specific personal pain it causes the individual.

Once you've got them thinking about what a ballache it is to have to deal with this, segue to your solution.  

2 - Solution

You want to explain how easy it is to use your solution.

Always focus on how your product helps them achieve their goal...

  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Cheaper

3 - Transformation

Now it's time to reinforce and remind them of the benefits of your offer.  

Best way to do this is to get them to envision the life they could be living with your offer in their hands.  

4 - Social proof

Cause no one believes the biased brand. Get some social proof in to build credibility.

5 - Action

Finally tell them what action you want them to take.

Bonus points if you can include some form of guarantee like...

  • Money back
  • Free trial

Put that all together, and you've got a landing page that will work better than 80% of those out there.  

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