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The cold email sequence for building your network

Don't just send one cold email and be done. Make sure you use this simple sequence for massive results.

Getting no results from cold email outreach?

This might be the problem.

A lot of folk out there send one message and think that's all they need.

When they don't get results, they're quick to say "cold email marketing is crap".

Here's the thing.  

All marketing requires more than a single touchpoint to get success.  

The chance of your marketing message hitting the potential customer when...

  • They need your solution
  • They're actively searching for a provider
  • They have time to digest, analyse, and understand your offer

... is basically zero.  

You need several touch points.  

But don't go overboard.  

Many marketers cross the line between persistence and spam.  

Over years of cold emailing for various brands I've found a simple 3 step sequence is enough to get results.  

  1. Your cold outreach
  2. A simple follow up reminder
  3. A final message to say you're going to leave them be

This covers all potential reasons for a lack of response.

Weirdly, I find I get the most responses and deals from the second email in the sequence.

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