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Scare yourself

Years ago I saw an interview with a gentleman celebrating his 100 year birthday.

As is always the case with these interviews, they asked him for his secret to such a long and healthy life.  

"I try to scare myself once a day - keeps the heart healthy" he said while tapping his chest.  

True or not, I believe there's value in scaring yourself.

When something scares you it's easy to back away and play it safe. It's a step back and antithetical to growth.  

But confronting what scares you and stepping up is progress. Whether you succeed in overcoming it or not, you'll come out the other side wiser and better prepared for the next hurdle.

I want to know what it is you're doing right now in your business that scares you?

What action are you taking to overcome that fear and grow to the next level?

I'll kick things off.

The more time I spend looking into Web3, the bigger opportunity I believe it to be.

Here's the thing, I know next to nothing about the details, and others have a huge head start when it comes to things like Crypto.

I'm afraid that...

  • People will realise I know nothing about the space
  • People will tell me the idea is pointless and has no legs
  • I'll end up wasting time, effort, and money on something that goes nowhere

But I'm not letting these things put me off. because I know that, win or fail, I'll come out the other side wiser.  

I'll have a better understanding of the way the internet is developing, which will help me capitalise on future opportunities.  

I know that, the simple act of trying, will help me forge new relationships which will help me uncover those new opportunities.  

And I also know there's a chance I could succeed.  

Hit reply and let me know what it is you're facing and what you're doing to overcome it.  

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Speak soon,

And stay scared,