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Relationship based content parnterships

Cold pitching for guest posts is less effective than it used to be. Here's what you should be doing.

Last week I mentioned how good content + links are the key to ranking on Google and driving tonnes of organic traffic.

That's as true today as it's ever been.

The content side of that equation is easy.

But the links, well, the links have become more difficult to get.

I've been reaching out to publications in that have some form of overlap with my ideal audience. We're talking...

  • Web3 topics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Biz growth / marketing

Now, years ago I could simply come up with a few killer ideas and get an article featured on their site.  

That article would generate traffic for the brand (as I'd make sure it was killer), it would also provide me with backlinks and some referral traffic.

The first time I did this well was with a site called The Penny Hoarder. It drove hundreds of visitors per month from a single article.

I went on to publish in some of the biggest names in the industry including...

  • HubSpot
  • Unbounce
  • BigCommerce
  • Entrepreneur

This strategy still works.  

But pitching people out of the blue to get featured on their site is way harder now.

Most of the time I receive responses like the below.  

Most of the time cold emails are met with a "pay me and we'll publish". Which I don't get as I'm effectively paying them to work for them.


A better way to manage this is by building relationships with the editors of big sites.  

Think about how you could offer something to them that's truly valuable.

Get them into a dialogue and then say "hey, I'd love to write something about this for your blog".

The benefit here isn't that you get a guest post with more work. It's that you build a relationship with the editor.

So when you have...

  • A new feature you want to promote
  • Launch a new product and need traffic to the sales page
  • Need a hand with some other form of content/promo work

... you've got someone in your corner who knows you, and will thus likely be more able to help.

You'll still run up against more nos than yeses, but it should open a few more doors.  

I'm currently building a little sheet for myself with the information of people who are open to good content partnerships.  

If you're in the growth, marketing and/or Web3 space and fancy being included (or would like a piece on your site from yours truly) message me and let me know.

For now though, get out there and build some links.


P.S - I also recently opened up some consulting spots. If you fancy a free exploratory chat, feel free to book a time below.  

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