The recommended Growth Model for your brand is…

Partnerships – Upgrade – Emails – Social shares

For you, I’d recommend a simple partnerships approach. You partner with others who have an overlapping audience and co-promote one another.


One of the easiest ways to add a lot of users quickly is to work on a partnership basis with a similar-sized brand in the space with an overlapping (but not directly competing) audience.

You will promote the partner brand to your audience, they will promote you to theirs. You can easily syphon off dozens, hundreds, or thousands of new users to you with this offer.

The best way to run this is to not rely on a basic mention, but to offer something of value to the other partner’s audience (free trial, download, discount etc).


Whatever your content is about, ask yourself what the next step for the user is and what they’d need to take it.

Add a template, guide, or some form of download that helps them get the result they want.

If they want the templates, they have to hand over their email address.


With their email captured, you can nurture them.

Send a series of emails that introduce your brand, what you do, and tell them how to take the next step to get your offer.

This is part nurture, part sales sequence.

Social shares

Once you’ve built trust and know the user has seen the value in your offer, ask them to share their experience and/or opinions (if they like it) on social media to expand reach.

If you’re not sure how to implement this model or you want more specific advice on how to grow your company, let us know.

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