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Proof that templates = success

Are templates really the best way to get your brand off to a great start?

The machine that keeps big businesses running.

It's less to do with creativity, and more to do with predictable outcomes.  

Here's a perfect example.  

A few years back Amazon, one of the biggest brands on the planet, sent this out.

Amazon's email templates

Obviously a mistake from someone on the marketing team.

But this mistake offers great insight into how to run effective marketing machines.


The template makes it easy for the writer to know what to write and where.  

It also gives guidelines on HOW to write.  

Why is that important?

Because you could hand this template to anyone on the marketing team and get almost the same result.  

Or to put it another way - you ensure consistency while also making the process quick and easy to follow.  

Amazon can then churn out dozens or hundreds of these emails without compromising brand voice or tone.

Creating more consistent opportunities to convert customers.  

I've not worked with Amazon, but every successful brand I've worked with has templated key marketing assets like this.  

Templates that are so easy to follow even the fresh grad who started a week ago could do it.  

If you're lacking these kind of templates in your business - check out the below link.  

I'm collating my markerting templates and offering them to you right now for the pre-sale price of $49.

Come Saturday, the pre-sale will end and I'll get to work on bringing everything together,  

When that happens, the price will jump to $100, so act now or pay more.

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