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Price increase coming soon

Don't miss out on these tried-and-tested marketing templates!

The pre-sale for my marketing templates bundle has been a success.

I'll be ending the special pre-sale price shortly.  

So, if you want to get access now for only $49, head here for more details and sign up.

I'll be raising the price to $99 in the next day or two.

I'm now turning my attention to collating and adapting the templates so they're easy for you to follow.  

The below are the templates you'll get as soon as I have them ready.  

1. Blog post templates

  • Several blog post template outlines
  • Headline formulae
  • Blog research and planning sheet

2. Cold outreach templates

  • For email
  • For LinkedIn
  • For Twitter

3. Email templates

  • Launch email sequence and templates
  • Newsletter email templates

4. Landing page template

  • Research and analysis sheet and system
  • Tried-and-tested landing page template

I'm then going to turn my attention to a couple of other old products and templates I have.

Again, I'll need to adapt them a little with new info and to make them easy for anyone to follow, but they include...

  1. Social and search ad copy templates
  2. Phone negotiation scripts
  3. Long form sales page template

And anything else I can dig out of my archives that might be useful or that I create for future campaigns.

If you're interested, act now before the price goes up.  


Speak soon.