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Growth in 2022

2022 is already throwing up new approaches to business, marketing, and growth.

And I've got to say, I've been amazed with some of the results.  

We're only a few weeks into the year and I've seen people propel themselves from relative unknowns to leaders of vast communities.

Communities which then help create pretty valuable businesses.  

  • Some take the DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) approach.
  • Others build communities around projects that are represented with an NFT.  
  • Others are simply growing vast audiences by talking about projects through free social updates.  

Regardless of your feelings on DAOs and NFTs, the underlying strategies that people are using to grow huge communities of like-minded individuals are incredibly interesting.

Any brand - be it the creation of a solopreneur or multinational entity - will benefit hugely if they can gather a number of like-minded people behind their banner.

And if you can decipher how these brands are rallying their troops, you could leverage the same strategies to grow your next business or offer.  

I'm considering doing a deep dive into the community builders who have come out the gates swinging over the next few weeks.  

What I'd love to know is, who do you think should be included in this analyses?

Who is it you've seen turn an idea into a community, and that community into a business?

Let me know by replying to this message.  

I'm gonna draw up a quick list of the folk who are doing this well and look for the commonalities we could;d all learn from.  

Speak soon


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