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Office Hours Postponed

Just a quick one today!

I'm currently sat in a local co-working space.

And when the day is done, my wife and I will pick up our dog and head to the pub.

Not for a cheeky pint or warming pie (this pub has great pies), but up to the boutique hotel rooms above.  

I'd love to say we're on vacation.

But we're not.

Our flat is, unfortunately, without electricity.

And here's the best bit.

It's not the national utility service's issue. They maintain the cables from the street to the meter.  

It's not our energy provider's issue. They cover from the flat's fuse box into the house.  

The problem lies between the meter and the fuse box. So no insurance the landlord has will cover it.

Which has led to a couple of days of quotes and teeth sucking from various service providers.  

(Also, are contractors trained to tell you how bad the last service provider's work was as son as they see the issue? It's a common theme it seems).

As a result, I'm not going to be able to make the office hours I was planning on launching this week.  

I'll keep you posted on updates and if we do manage to go ahead.

And I'm sure I should take the time to derive some form of marketing and/or business lesson from this.

But I'm too tired to do that well. So I'm going to leave the hidden meanings and lessons in this up to you.  

Speak soon,