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Leveraging your success

Here's what to do with your Amazon eBook when it starts selling well.

If you've been following the steps in the last few emails, you should have some success with your Amazon eBook.  

Now, that promotion on social, to friends and family etc doesn't stop. You've got to keep that going for the duration of that free trial period (and beyond).

However, even a concerted effort should bring results. Check out the rankings of the "How to Spot crypto Scams" ebook below.  

I checked on it this morning and...

  • It's #1 in several relevant categories on Amazon US
  • Is #4 in a relevant category on Amazon.co.uk
  • And it's between #1255 - #1544 across all free ebooks on Amazon

Not bad for being only 24 hours into the promotional period.

If you want to help keep this ball rolling and see just how high we can push this, I'd really appreciate it if you could...

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Question is, what now?

Do you pat yourself on the back, kick your feet up, and grab a whisky to toast a job well done?


This is the beginning, not the end.  

How to leverage initial eBook success

If you've managed to get some initial sales and positive reviews, it's time to put them to work.  

Weirdly, people attach more authority and trust to a book. Even if it's a simple Kindle eBook and self-published.  

That kind of eBook could honestly be a blog post. but the fact you took a few extra steps to turn it into an eBook means people trust you more 🤷🏻‍♂️.

So put that to work.  

Every other author does.

You see people write one book and book speaking gigs for years off it/.

You see others build entire brands off the back of a single book.

A short Kindle eBook might not have the same level of impact, but it can be sued to grow your reach and impact.

Here's what I recommend doing.

Keep on promoting it

Never stop promoting the book.

It will only help your brand as long as it's selling and doing well. The Amazon algorithm is only promoting and selling what's working well right now.  

As soon as sales dip, Amazon is going to promote the hungry young author who's promoting like mad.

So make sure you're continuing to promote. A few easy promotions include...

  1. Add a popup to your site with a link to the Amazon page
  2. Include links in your email newsletters
  3. Add links to your social media bios and posts
  4. Make a new promotional post of the book to go live every week
  5. Add to sites and groups where books are promoted periodically

And of course run one of the free 5-day promos every 90 days to keep the overall numbers high if the paid sales aren't doing so well.  

Keep evidence of success

As your book continues to climb the rankings, make sure you're keeping evidence of your success.  

Take screenshots of the book's ranking as it hits those #1 spots for use in your marketing as I have above and below.

These can be used in all of the above mention promotional materials to add a little extra pzazz and credibility.  

Look for JV partners

With a "best selling book" under your belt it's going to be a little easier to find promotion partners as you have something proven for them to pitch.  

Before i get into this though, I will say I wouldn't run with the title "Best Selling Author". The Amazon algorithm is (as demonstrated) easily gamed.  

Anyone in this game knows that the title of "best selling Amazon author" isn't worth much.  

However, you should leverage the success to reach out to people and influencers with interested audiences.  Tell them the book has done well and you'd love to offer some form of promotion, discount, or even sneak peek for their audience.

In one action you could generate another few hundred, or thousand purchasers for your book.

Which if you've taken the Alex Hormozi approach and included links back to your site and email list, could be very good lead gen for you.  

Kick off a funnel with your eBook

You see this all the time with brands like Digital Marketer, Todd Brown, Mirasee and other direct response info publishers.  

We've even done a full breakdown of how the Agora does this to drive sales for their billion-dollar info publishing company.

In short, you offer the book for a couple of bucks to subscribers.

Anyone who buys is identified as two things...

  1. Someone who will pay for good information
  2. Someone interested enough in the topic to open their wallet

You then simply promote the book to your audience and anyone who buys is put into an upsell sequence.

The Agora goes hard on this. They'll move people from a $5 eBook purchase to a $2000 / year membership in the space of a few hours.  

It's mad how successful hey are with it.  

But you could do the same.

Sell the eBook as a cheap intro and then upsell those people to a $100 - $5,000 in-depth package offer.  

Before you do any of this though...

Having an eBook that does well is only stage one.  

And before you dive deep into how to leverage that success, I'd recommend setting up systems that keep your book doing well.

Make sure that the book continues to...

  1. Sell
  2. Rank highly
  3. Generate positive reviews

When these three things dip, it becomes more difficult to leverage it for future success.  

That's it for this update.  

And again, if you can help out a little, I'd really appreciate it. Here's how you can help without spending a penny...

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Happy Thursday!