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Launching something new...

What does it take to launch a new business offer?

The short version is pretty simple, right? And you've probably seen it everywhere.

  1. Identify a segment of people you want to help (your ideal audience)
  2. Talk to them to discover their problems
  3. Devise a basic process to help them overcome their problem
  4. create content on the topic as a form of free help for them, marketing for you
  5. Charge people for more in depth help/asisstance

Simple as that.

It's something I've been considering a lot recently as my evenings and weekends are going into building an MVP of something new.  

Thing is, I know that a lot of folk out there aren't sure exactly what it is they should be doing at each and every one of those stages.

So I thought I'd open up this new venture I'm pursuing.

I'm going to be recording more videos and explanations of exactly what I'm doing to build a new business offer.

All of which is going live in the premium community here on Growth Models.  

If you want in, and want a first row seat to my building either...

  • A new offer that's a roaring success
  • Something that doesn't exactly work, but gives me the lessons to do better on my next attempt

... consider joining now.

First few videos are going to go live from next week.  

You can get access for a full year now at 50% off thanks to the BF Sale.  

Or join here for a 1 month trial at only $10.  

See you inside.

And happy building.


P.S - You'll also get instant access to all of the Growth Studies I've completed analysing everything from Ahrefs and Noom, to Freemium models and Social Media Marketing best practices.  

Sign up now.