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It's alive!

Saw something a while back from - I think - Mike Shreeve.  

He said something along the lines of...

  • Learn marketing = 5:1 ROI.
  • Learn how to create great offers = 10:1 ROI.
  • Learn how to delegate = 20:1 ROI

I agree with all of this.

However, if you want any sort of return, you've first got to take action.  

And a lot of folk out there simply don't.

I often wonder how many great ideas have died simply because the person had it never acted on it.

Which brings me to the point of this.  

2 weeks back I was scrolling through Twitter when I saw the below from Eric Siu.  

When I saw this, I stopped for a second to consider the idea.  Or more accurately, ask myself if I think this is a 10:1 ROI offer?

Short version - yes, I do.  

And here's why.  

Web3 is picking up crazy steam right now.

And people are making literally millions of dollars through systems, processes, and growth approaches that are - as yet - unknown by the many.  

Every day I see people on Twitter trying to get into Web3.

Every day I see those same people talking about how confused they are. Asking what are the best tools.  

And every day I see a cohort of those people who unfortunately lose money by acting without the right information.

So, I do genuinely believe Eric's idea could be a 10:1 ROI offer.  

Here's the good news.

Eric is - fortunately for me - too busy to create this himself.

So I decided I'd try my hand at building this thing out.

I got to grips with WebFlow for a programmatic SEO approach, and spent a few hundred bucks on researchers to help me find the right information.

Within a week, I had the shell of a review site.  

I set it fully live about 10 minutes ago - and you can check it out below.  

It's called DeRev.co and it will be the home of impartial reviews of decentralised web tools.

Later, it will offer free information and training to people who want to get into the space.  

But for now, I'm focusing on building out the reviews and the audience.  

I've also decided to be 100% open with the plans and actions I'm using to grow DeRev within the premium community.  

People who are in the premium community will get a detailed analysis of what we're doing to grow the site, why we're doing it, and what the results have been.

So if you want to get a behind the scenes look at how to grow this thing, make sure you join up now.

In the meantime, check out DeRev and let me know your thoughts.  

Speak soon.