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Guest posting - waste of time or worthwhile action?

A little something on guest posting and how it can benefit you in the long term.

Folk love to complicate their strategy.

I've recently been looking at the best ways to increase the DeRev email list.

I thought I could come up with some form of smart loop or complex referral system to create a perpetual growth machine.

But, the more I thought about it, the more I realised I was overcomplicating things.

After spending some time reading about other brands' email growth it really always comes down to one simple process.

  1. Generate traffic to your site
  2. Create a compelling lead magnet
  3. Rinse and repeat

Of course this is oversimplified, but if we were to look at it in more detail it's not exactly rocket science.  

  1. Create content worth reading
  2. Share it where your audience hangs out
  3. Hit them with an enticing lead magnet on your site
  4. Test lead magnets for best results
  5. Rinse and repeat

The sharing of content is already bringing traffic to DeRev. But I needed something more.  

I need something that will provide long-term gains.  

One thing that's worked well in the past is to get published on other sites. Great guest posting can...

  1. Increase brand recognition if well placed
  2. Provide a small bump in referral traffic if you use the right links
  3. Provide long term SEO juice which should generate more long term traffic gains

So I got to work.

I dived into my Google Drive and found my old spreadsheet for guest posting.  

I've updated it and have a "battle center" from which I can run far reaching guest post campaigns to help me increase my own DA. only from 7 to 9, but hey, an increase is always good.  (you can get it in the marketing templates bundle as well).

So, here's a little breakdown of what's in the sheet and how it helps with guest posting.

The core of a good guest post strategy

There are 3 elements of a good guest post strategy.  

  1. Get published on sites with high DA and an overlapping audience
  2. Create content that will do well for that site (and thus will benefit you)
  3. Add specific links back to your BoFu content for the best results

I've put all of those three elements into this simple spreadsheet as the below.  

On sheet 1 is my own "content directory".

I've selected BoFu articles I want to rank well on Google and put them here.

Why BoFu, because I want to speed that payback period (as outlined in this piece).

By promoting pieces more likely to convert, I won't have to wait as long to see that conversion.  

I also include ideal anchor text for the link in the guest piece.


Because if I link to piece A with the anchor text "Crypto Review" it's yet another indicator to Google on what the piece is about - crypto reviews.  

This should - in theory - speed their ranking of the piece for that search term. Which again shortens that payback period.  

Sheet 2 is a list of places to pitch.

On sheet 2 is a simple list of places to pitch.  

I make sure that they have a reasonable DA and an overlapping audience. Nothing else is really needed.  

Sheet 3 is a simple list of potential articles.

When I'm in pitch mode, I don't like to think.

So along with the place es to pitch, I have a list of article ideas with short descriptions.

I can then pitch brand A which focuses on topic 1, three ideas related to topic 1. And it takes about 5 minutes because I can just copy and paste the pitch over to the email.  

The result?

This simple system means I can bang out 5-10 guest post pitches with relevant, useful articles to editors in as little as an hour.  

If 2 of the 10 accept, I can get two decent quality backlinks with little work on the pitching side.  

I've also just added the updated template to the marketing templates bundle.  

So, if your site is in need of a little extra DA or reach, check it out below.  

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Oh, and if you've already got access to the Marketing templates Bundle, you'll find it in the "Guest Posting" folder.

Speak soon and happy hunting.