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Giving your eBook the best chance of success

How can you increase the chances of your Amazon eBook ranking highly?

If you missed my message yesterday, here's quick recap.

  • I'm publishing an eBook to help with the lead gen of DeRev.co
  • I'm sharing what I'm doing and the results

Now, to kick this off the eBook is now live and available on Amazon and you can get a free copy of it here from Wednesday.  

If you get a free copy from Amazon tomorrow, it'll really help me rank better and get more visibility.  


Well, let me explain.  

A head start out the gates

This isn't the first book I've published on Amazon and I'm going to show you how I got out the gates ahead of the pack with the previous book.  

I followed these simple steps to get an "Amazon best seller" within a week.

Don't worry getting that isn't hard or really that impressive. but it is important for the long term success of your book.

I'm not going to cover the absolute basics of writing a good book like..

  • Cover a topic your audience cares about and wants to read
  • Get an eye-catching cover
  • Create an arresting headline for the book

You know this.  What I am going to cover are a few of the lesser-known Amazon-specific needs for getting out the gate with a good start.

Get your categories straight

When you upload your book to Amazon you get to choose a number of categories for the book.

However, you can actually add up to 10 more. It's just Amazon doesn't make this obvious.  

I recommend going and looking at competitor books in the space and the categories they rank in.  You can find it by scrolling down to this part of the book listing.

Notice how this book is # 1 in Online Trading. Technically that makes this a bestseller on Amazon, right?

Sounds impressive. But if you click on that link you'll notice that the category it ranks for is nested very deep.  

The category it is a bestseller in is actually...

Kindle store > Kindle eBooks >Business & Money >  industries > eCommerce > Online Trading.  

It's much easier to rank for such specific niche categories than overall on Amazon.

But if you can rank highly in these niche categories you can get your book promoted to people interested those categories by the Amazon algo.  

Here's how to do that.  

Find competing books you think you can beat. Find the very niche, less competitive categories they rank in and copy out the full string.  

Go to your Amazon Kindle Publishing account and find the contact form and outline you're adding categories to your book.

Then follow their guidelines to add up to 10 more.  As below.  

What this does is cut down the competition your book will be competing against on launch. Essentially making it easier to rank highly.  

Which will increase reach and gives you the (questionable) bragging rights of an Amazon bestseller.  

Let it go for free on launch

The other thing you want to do is remove any friction for new readers at launch.

Your book will rank well if it gets more downloads. You want to drive as many downloads as possible within the first week. And the best way to do that is to let the book go for free.  

When you're looking at your book stats, you have the option to enroll it in Kindle Direct Publishing Select.  

If you do this, you can run a short term promo where the book is free.  

Make sure you do this ready for launch.  

I'd recommend you run the book for free for the full 5 days. you can do this once every 90 days.  

It makes promo much easier and can help catapult you to the top of the free charts within that first week.  

That, of course, also means you get more people to potentially offer reviews or word of mouth promos, which further improves ranking.  

At this stage, your book is an unknown, so remove any risk for the user and increase your chances of success.  

Tomorrow, I'll look at a few promotion options to help you get more people into that free promo.  

For now, I'd really appreciate it if you could download the free copy of the book tomorrow to help with my rankings.  

Speak soon,


Download the book on Amazon for free from tomorrow