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The growing freelance copywriting opportunity

There's never been a better time to start a freelance copywriting business. Opportunities are everywhere if you know where to look.
The growing freelance copywriting opportunity

Take a look at the stats over the last few years and you’ll notice something interesting about freelancers and consultants.

In short, we’re on the rise.

And it’s no surprise why…

Start a freelance copywriting business

After around a decade of being a freelance copywriter, I’ve spoken to countless freelancers in all disciplines.

And I struggle to think of any who thought making the jump to setting up their own business was a mistake.

I will say that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. However, I think the majority of people are happier controlling their own destiny instead of leaving it in someone else’s hands.

If you’re keen to seize control of your career and build something for yourself, read on.

What do you need to start an online freelance copywriting business?

You really only need two things.

The first is the right set of tools to enable you to do the job you’re choosing to do.

And there are a tonne of recommendations in this piece that are based on years of testing in my own, my students’, and my clients’ online businesses.

The second is to be an “expert” on a topic.

What do you need to start a freelance copywriting business

Here’s the thing though. The word “expert” is massively misunderstood.

To be considered an expert you need to know more than 95% of the population, which isn’t hard.

In fact, I’ve heard it said (and completely agree) that you only need to read 2 books on a topic to be considered knowledgeable by that 95% of people.

Cause here’s the rub.

The successes I’ve met in my life are generally not the most intelligent.

They are the doers.

The people who set out to get the minimum viable knowledge of a topic. They then sell their newfound knowledge to people one step behind them on the knowledge path.

Knowledge is one thing I can’t really help you with.

I can recommend the best books to help you become a better freelancer, copywriter, marketer, and business owner.

But you’ve got to do the reading and embody the lessons.

When you’ve got the knowledge, it’s about taking action. And to do that well, you’re gonna need the right tools and processes.

In this guide I'll explain exact tools and systems I’ve used to grow to 6-figures as a freelance copywriter multiple times with different freelance business models.

But first, let's get the basics out of the way...

Click below for a little copywriting 101.

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