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Do this before implementing any growth strategy

Stop looking for the quick fix when it comes to the growth of your business and go back to basics. A solid foundation makes growth so much easier.

Everyone's looking for the quick fix when it comes to their business's growth.

The silver bullet. The simple cure-all.

I see it all the time.

Founders and marketers asking whether a...

  • Referral sequence
  • Ad funnel
  • Cold outreach system

... will be the fastest way for them to "explode their growth".

And sure, these things can help. In fact, I know in a lot of cases they will help.  

But after analysing the growth strategies of dozens, if not hundreds, of businesses my go-to question when someone asks me what growth model is best for their brand has nothing to do with strategy.

It has to do with problems.  

My first question is always to figure out what problem they solve.

Cause all the growth hacks and tactics in the world won't help you grow a solution no one actively wants.

A successful business has to solve a problem for their audience.  

If it doesn't why would people pay for it?

Now, those problems don't have to be of the "I'm losing sleep and my health is declining" magnitude. they could be simple streamlining or refinement of existing solutions.  

Take a few of the below as an example.  

  • Noom solve a truly painful problem of weight loss. And they've refined existing solutions by creating something that helps you KEEP the weight off after their program ends.  
  • Morning Brew solved a frustration. Business news was stuffy and boring. they made it entertaining and succinct.  
  • YouTube removed the barriers to creating and publishing video content. You don't need to be connected to the right people to get eyes on your movie-making skills.  

If you're struggling to achieve growth, look at the problem you solve.

You might need to pivot your offer.

You may only need a simple repositioning.

But the offer has to solve a real problem people are actively looking to solve. If it isn't, it's gonna be hard to sell.

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