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How distribution generated 1000 visitors to a new site in two days

Content without distribution is absolutely pointless

Getting more traffic isn't a case of simply writing more content.  

But there's a simple way to increase traffic without writing thousands of new pieces.

The first thing you've got to do is realise no one cares about your brand.

No one is hitting refresh on your blog hoping for the latest post.  

No one is watching TV and thinking "I wonder what X have recently published".

But this is what many brands do.

They write, publish, and wait for Google to somehow find them.  

Which never works.  

Generating traffic requires an active, aggressive strategy.  

You need to force your best pieces into the consciousness and awareness of your audience.  

And the best way to do this is to have a decent distribution strategy.  

Here's what I'd recommend.

Step 1 - Your own social accounts

First look at sharing your content to your own social accounts.  

Audience is everything. If you grow your own audience, you'll always have monetisation options.    

Bear in mind this should be used as a funnel to your owned channels like your email list.

Relying solely on Facebook, Twitter etc for reach is a dangerous game.

They can change their algo and ruin your reach and profitability overnight.  

Step 2 - Leverage online communities

The problem with social platform feeds is you're subject to the algo and the platforms rules.  

Which means your share might be seen by your audience, it might get buried under other content.  

You need to increase the chances your users find your content.  

The best way to do this is to leverage relevant communities of ideal customers.  

Use platforms like...

  • Reddit
  • Facebook Groups
  • Quora answer

... and more to promote your work.  

I did this on Friday with an article on DeRev.co. A site that has next to 0 DA.  

Within 2 days those shares alone had generated over 750 visits.  

Add that to other acquisition channels and we had over 1000 visits to a new article on a new site in 2 days.  

Step 3 - Syndication

You'll also want to syndicate your content on sites with established audiences.

Make sure you use canonical links tyo retain ownership in Google's eyes.  

A few places you'll want to look at are...

  • Medium
  • HackerNoon
  • RSS news feeds (Google News publisher)

You can make sure your entire article gets seen by an interested audience with barely any extra work.  

In short, if you want to generate more traffic, stop trying to write hundreds of new pieces.  

Use the same resources to write hundreds of promotions of existing content.  

You'll generate traffic with a fraction of the effort.  

I'm adding a simple spreadsheet of sharing tasks I give to my VAs to the new marketing bundles templates.  

You can grab it by signing up here.

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