How to become a better copywriter and increase online sales

Copywriting is the best skill any business person canpossess. Here's a guide on how you can improve your copywriting chops today.
How to become a better copywriter and increase online sales

I might be biased, but in my opinion, copywriting is at the core of all successful business growth.

If you can't effectively communicate what it is you offer and how it's going to help the user, no one is going to open their wallet.  

Here's the thing. becoming a great copywriter is a lifelong endeavour.  

However, becoming a little better than the competition isn't actually that hard in most industries.

Especially if you've got a helping hand from someone who's spent years testing copywriting experiments in real life.

All of the below articles are created by 2 such copywriters in an effort to help you beat out the competition with your copy.

Wait... what is copywriting?

Before we get into the nitty gritty on how to get better, let's first look at the basics.

Here's everything you need to know about copywriting.

What is Copywriting (and why should you offer it as a freelance service)?
What exactly is copywriting? It’s not just about the words on the page, but how you use them to create an action in your readers.

The best copywriting books to read

Books are one of the best forms of education out there.

Cheap, self-led, and often a full distillation of someone's experience into a few hundred pages.

There are however, a huge number of copywriting books out there. Knowing which ones are good and which ones are a waste of your time is a difficult task.

I've ranked and rated the best copywriting books I've read and popped them all into a list for you below.

The 46 best copywriting books to read in 2021
A collection fo the 46 best copywriting books that will help you hone the craft of writing to sell.

The best copywriting courses to take

Books are great, but they require a lot of self-directed work from you.

If you'd prefer to get yourself a copy mentor and really accelerate those gains, you'd be better off taking a copywriting course.  

Here are the best copywriting courses, ranked and rated for ease of browsing.

The best copywriting courses to take in 2021
Want to speed up your copywriting education. Check out this exhaustive list of the most popular copywriting courses.

How to hone your copywriting skills

All of the education in the world isn't going to help unless you actually put it into practice.

You need to internalise what you learn by applying it to real world situations.

And the below copywriting exercises will help you do just that.

How to become a better copywriter in 2021 (copywriting exercises and recommendations list)
These simple copywriting exercises can help even amateur copy cubs churn out copy that could make millions.

Other useful resources

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