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Content, links, and the issue with "perfection"

Content and links are one of the best partnerships

If I look back at the successes I've had in my career as a marketer, I can really say that there are 2 key things that have always worked.  

That's not to say these are the only things you need, but that these things generally work across the board (when done well).

The two items are...

  1. Content
  2. Links

Good content answers the questions your ideal users are asking and, when they find it, helps build trust in your brand.

Good links help that content rank so more of the people who need it, find it.  

In looking at DecentReviews, I'm now kinda happy with how the basic product works and looks.  

And I'm looking at getting a few partnerships in to better test and validate things.

Thing is, I know that if I can increase the traffic to the site, everything else will be way more appealing to potential partners.

So here's how I'm thinking about content and links for DR.  

What I'm focusing on with content

Generally speaking, I have a set approach to content for any brand.

I want to focus on middle and bottom of funnel content that has higher purchase intent.  

Not a full list, but the general idea is to focus on...

  • Best [THING] articles
  • How to articles
  • Reviews
  • Product-led articles that also answer BoFu Qs (how to achieve X with our [FEATURE])
  • Etc. etc. etc.

Basically, stuff people who know what they want and are just figuring out the best option.

By focusing on these kinds of articles, you're getting people who are closer to the purchase. Which reduces your payback period.

I tend to focus on pieces that have higher search volume and higher intent.  

Anything around 5,000 searches / month and up works.  

Although, for super high purchase intent you can go lower.  

Once you've got a few of those pieces out the way, it's about building links.  

This used to be so easy as anyone and everyone would accept well-written guest posts.

So I'd write 2-3 /week and get some good backlinks.

This isn't as easy anymore as more people have ended guest posting on their sites or, sadly, require a fee for publication as well.

I'm looking at new ways to overcome this and will let you know if it changes.  

How I'm using this on DR

So on DR I already have the review articles in place.  

What I don't have are other good BoFu terms or a good backlink profile.  

I've broken from my traditional approach little and am doing the below.

I'm. creating guides around the key questions for each category.

I'm building articles that answer the most frequently asked questions. All of which are interlinked and,  eventually, lead to our "best of" pieces.  

Take crypto exchanges as an example.

We have lots of reviews and a well-built out "Best crypto exchanges" page.  

But I want to capture some of the middle-of-funnel content as well and direct them to these pages.

So I've created guides (and will continue to add to them) for things like...

  • How to choose a good crypto exchange
  • How to buy crypto on [EXCHANGE]

And there are a few higher funnel pieces I'm testing as well.  

This will give me a good keyword "surface area" of various terms for people who are later in their consideration cycle.  

Then, with a better backlink profile, these should rank higher and start driving people to the reviews which makes DR a more valuable partner for other brands.  

I should also say that the guides and content is far from perfect.  

If I waited until it was, I doubt I'd ever get it live.

My plan is to publish as many as I can right now and then go back through and improve them once I have some feedback and insight into how best t do so.

If you want to check out the main guides page, it's linked to below.  

Learn how Web3 tech works with these in-depth guides
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Any Qs, hit reply and let me know.

Or if you want to talk this over for your brand, feel free to book a call here and we can see if working together makes sense.

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