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Changes to the Growth Models' Membership for 2022

How the Growth Models' Membership is changing in 2022.


Hope the festive season was good to you and you're now back in the full swing of things.  

I wanted t drop you a quick line to let you know of changes that are coming to the Growth Model's Membership in 2022.

The short version is... I'm ending the membership.

This last year of running this membership has been a great education for me and I feel like I've become a much better marketer.  

I didn't just want to cancel everything and leave you in the dark, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to explain the 2 primary drivers of this decision.  

Analyses vs action

The studies take quite a while to create.

With each new study, I've gained another arrow in my quiver of tactics to build into a cohesive, effective, growth-minded strategy.

And yet, I've managed to implement very few of them for myself.

As soon as one study is finished, I've had to look at the next brand and jump right into the research and analyses for their growth strategy.  

With 2022 I have my sites on growing a few ideas of my own. If I want to do them justice, I need more time to focus on implementing the strategies and approaches I've researched.  

And the only way I can do that is to put the analyses on the back-burner.  

I won't be stopping the analyses completely, they'll just be on a much longer timeline.  

And I wouldn't feel right charging you a monthly fee for a deliverable you receive without anything close to predictability.  

Moonshots and baby steps

Not to toot my own horn, but over the years I've helped various brands generate millions of dollars in sales.  

And while the membership has been successful and profitable, it's not been the break-out success I've helped others generate.

I always knew this would be the case.

A low-cost monthly subscription aimed at a niche segment of business owners and marketers was never going to be a retirement builder of a product.

It was also never going to be revolutionary and help a huge number of people.  

I believe that I've now stumbled on a few (2 to be specific) ideas that could have far better reach in who they could help. And to be crass and business-focused about it, could be very lucrative opportunities.  

It's time I started applying what I've learned to my own moonshot ideas.  

Will they pan out? I don't know.  

But I'm excited to try.  

Free info > all else

If you've not been keeping up with my Twitter, you might not know that I'm looking heavily into the new opportunities in Web3.  

I'm not a huge proponent of NFTs or Crypto as they are, but think the underlying infrastructure could change a lot of elements for the better in the long run.  

That's a story for another day. The point is there's going to come a huge shift in the way brands operate.  

There's already a shift to more community-focused approaches. And I believe that a "free to play" model is the way forward.  

If you're not familiar with the term, it's the basis of games like Fortnite.

The game itself is 100% free.  

And yet the game generates around ~5B in revenue every year.

They enable people to get what they want for free.  And then upsell them on cosmetic elements that allow them to express their own personality in game.  

I believe this is the way a lot of business will need to shift their focus moving forward.

And I mean to start now.  

Moving forward, all of the information on Growth Models will be free for all.

In the short term, my own revenue model that will help keep the servers running will be through 1:1 consulting with clients and entrepreneurs (if you want to book a time, you can do so here).    

From a selfish perspective, this also makes my life a lot easier.  

I'll be able to focus on selling only one thing - consultations.  

Which will free up time to grow my own businesses and produce more studies.  

What does this mean for you?

If you're a free member, then nothing will change for the time being.

If I implement a free community, then you'll of course be one fo the first in line to learn about it.  

Also, let me know if a free community of people growing their businesses is of interest and I'll see what I can do to add it.  

If you're a paying member, you'll still have access to all of the information on Growth Models.  

However, you will no longer have a monthly fee to pay.

Payments are currently paused, but I'll be cancelling them in the next day or two.  

That's it from me.

I want to thank you for the support up to this point. I truly appreciate it - especially during the hardships we've all faced these last few years.

If you've got Q's feel free to email me.

Speak soon.