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How I generated new leads at only $0.50c per lead.

I decided to deconstruct common scam practices to see if they could work for legit brands.

For the last few months I've been head down trying to grow Decent Reviews.

Think of it as basically a G2.com site but for the emerging market of Web3 (blockchain, decentralized tech).

Is it growing?


Is it growing as fast as I'd like?


I know I should be happy that growth is happening at all, but I'm an impatient man.  

I want what I want now.  

Here's the thing, I know if I had a decent ad budget I could really galvanise the growth.

But I don't.

So I've got to try a bunch of interesting tactics to try and speed things along without destroying my runway.  

While skimming through social media I noticed that scammers - for all their crimes - are pretty damn good marketers.

Obvious scam projects manage to quickly attract hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of new users in record time.  

So, I got to thinking.  

Is a tactic distasteful and should it be avoided if it's used by scammers?

Or, is the tactic itself harmless and the action the founders take a problem?

I decided the tactic itself is innocent - for lack of a better term. They simply use effective growth engagement loops to drive leads.

And so, I asked a second question. Can I reconstruct the process scammers use?

I spent a few hours going through a few scam funnels and built out a basic plan.  

After pumping $160 (ish) into a simple marketing strategy I managed to generate new leads for Decent Reviews at $0.50 per lead.

Not too shabby.

I've detailed the entire thing in the below article.  

If you want to read, and copy, the system then just click below.  

I spent $162 copying crypto marketing scammers and generated these results... - DecentReviews Blog
Can you take the common crypto giveaway strategy used by scammers and use it to grow legit brands? We tried it and this is what we found out...

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