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BuT WEb3 MArkEtInG iS DiFfErEnT...

Is Web3 marketing really different? Nope.

This morning I jumped on a call with a successful Web3 marketing agency founder to go over the finer points of an upcoming Twitter space we're doing (I'll let you know when it's live).

But, as you might imagine,we got talking about the marketing industry in general.  

Unsurprisingly, we both had the same axe to grind.  

You see, over the last 2 years I've lost count of how many times I've seen people say "web3 marketing is different".

People say this, I guess, to make themselves seem special and on the cutting edge of business growth.

But everything I've seen in the space is basically an existing marketing approach at its core.  

For example...

  • The "Crypto giveaway" I ran to get leads for $0.50c was a tried and tested giveaway model
  • The agency owner I spoke to this morning told me that a prior campaign hey led for a client saw email marketing generate the highest sales (and by a long shot)
  • Airdrops are, at their core, a collaborative JV promo (just often with an asset that has no real value...)

I could go on. But the fact is Web3 isn't all that different in terms of marketing than Web 2.0.

People just want you to think it is so they can charge more.

The problem is that it's stopping a lot of people from searching for Web3 clients or launching Web3 brands.

They think their existing skill set isn't going to help them because they have the word "blockchain" in their company description.  

It's all BS.  

Sure, there's a little nuance that needs to be considered, but that's no different than entering an agreement in any new industry or with a new client.

All you need for marketing success in Web3 is...

  • A good product
  • A valuable offer
  • Knowledge of the target audience and where they find new things
  • The ability to combine all of the above in a clear and compelling message

Sound familiar?

It should.

If you're a marketing agency, freelancer, or even an entrepreneur who's decided to give Web3 a miss because you don't understand the new marketing paradigms, don't worry.  

Approach this as if you were entering an industry in which you had no real experience.

Learn about how the core of the industry works, the channels people use, and the language they prefer and you could make some decent money with only a little amendment to your approach.

Oh, and if you fancy having a chat to see how you could improve your marketing, book a free time to chat below.  

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