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A simple way to increase trust (and leads)

Can you use a free eBook to drive better lead generation?

If you've ever seen any of my videos or jumped on a consultation with me, you'll have seen a selection of books behind me.

Within that selection are a number of "free books" where I only paid for the delivery fee.  

We're talking books from people like...

  • Russell Brunson
  • Digital Marketer
  • Todd Brown

Basically, folk who are running big info brands.  

Thing is, writing a book is a tried and tested method of building authority and generating great leads.

I've done a study on how Alex Hormozi generates qualified through his book, $100M offers.

And it's a method the Agora use to move people onto new lists for new promotions (which I've studied here).

A simple eBook is a powerful resource that can be used across multiple channels to help you grow your business.  

In looking to grow DeRev, I thought I'd try to adopt the same process.  

I'm in the process of publishing an eBook for the site and I thought I'd offer some insight into how and why I'm doing it.  

Today, I'm gonna give a quick insight into the intended use.  

How to use a free / low-cost ebook to drive lead gen

So we'll jump in with the plan for usage.  

At its core, the purpose of the eBook is to generate leads.

So, the usage of it will be 2-fold.

First, it'll be published on the site as a free PDF download.

I'm running simple exit-intent popups to tell people about the eBook. I set this live last week and it currently has a ~15% lead conversion rate.  

Which is great, but not statistically significant.

Second, I'll be publishing it on Amazon.  

I tried to do it as a free eBook to get it in front of more people. However, Amazon apparently likes money and won't let me offer it for free through their site.  

So, it's $0.99.

But why put it on Amazon?

Mainly because a good Amazon eBook will rank for multiple relevant searches. Thus you're increasing the potential audience you can reach.  

The problem is that an eBook won't necessarily drive leads to my business, right?

Here's the thing, I placed a number of strategic links within the book that will bring people back to the DeRev site.  

So, if they read and like the book, they should then sign up on the site for more similar content.  

Which creates a nice little funnel.  

Someone searches on Google for a relevant term. If I don't show up, there's a chance my book on Amazon might Someone pays the low fee of 0.99.

The book builds authority and also works to drive them back to my site which increases my lead gen.  

I have a growing email list of people who are interested in the space and trust me. Which makes them more likely to buy and engage.  

Will it work?

We'll see.

I've got to get back to the launch planning of the eBook but I'll check back in tomorrow with more info and details.

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